How to clean the foam of the Comfort Kit?

Whats the best way to keep the foam of the comfort Kit clean? Can it be fully washed or should it be rinsed only or is it best to use a disinfectant wipe? And can I use some cleaning soap?

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We are not suggested you fully washed the foam, you can rinse the foam or use a cleansing wipe.
And please kindly prevent it to expose under the sunlight for drying session.



Many thanks for the quick answer. Is there a cleaning guide specially for Pimax Headsets, like how to get the body dust free eg.? I found this general guide (which is very helpfull too), but maybe the Pimax material need special treatment:


Wahsing mine now since 2 years with my shirts 30 degrees celsius, having no issues at all. Just don’t put it in the tumbler or wash it any hotter :wink:


2 Years… That would not be the Comfort Kit then, that would be the original foam from the original “Facial interface” :wink:


True, but I have the Comfort Kit too and it feels like the same material to me


I put mine in the freezer for a couple days, should be clean now :slightly_smiling_face:

It is better to clean it some kind of dust cleaner and if you face any difficulty for finding the best dust cleaner so I suggest you visit at Home & Garden Coupons they offered the various collection of dust cleaner at a very reasonable amount.


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