How to change email address?

I’m not able to change my email address at or the official forum, because “Dashboard-Account details-email address” is greyed out.

I sent an email to support. They responded once asking what I needed help with, so I reiterated. No response since.

I also tried asking at the official forums, but the topic is locked behind “pending moderator approval”.

Has anyone successfully done this? I do have a 5k+ purchase on my account, so I can’t just ignore it and create a new account.

At least I was able to change my email for this forum, but it’s not much comfort.

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Maybe @PimaxQuorra might be able to inquire how to have this changed.

I would imagine an Admin on their platform should be able to accomplish this and send an email to your new address once complete.

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Unfortunately, you may not be able to directly change the email associated with your account. In some cases, you might need to create a new account with your new email address and then contact customer support to request that they transfer your previous purchase history and data to the new account.