How To Build Your Own IR Head Tracker

Intresting link.

That’s a great article. I’ve played around with point trackers before. And just went back to one last night but not with much luck. That article looks like it might help.
Will say there is a program called open track which is a bit more stable. And is an updated version of free track.
Open track will also read the gyroscope is pimax mode. If that is of use to any one.
Will work through that article and report back.

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You have used opentrack with pimax? That would mean you can play trackir games like Arma 3 (after converting to SBS).

I was trying to get open track to read pimax in extended mode. It would not.

However in pimax mode and direct mode oculus input selected on open track it read the head tracking. I never tested further with a game.

You can also use vorpx or a program from steam my dream swift to do the SBS injection and mouse look, they work brilliantly with pimax.

Thanks, nice to know. If I have time on weekend i’ll build ir based head tracker and will gave report.

Sorry I’m not native English, what this SBS schortcut is? Thanks.

This might already be known now but Opentrack 2.3.0 can also support the Pimax in Extended mode.
Use “Oculus Rift runtime 0.4.2” as input.

SBS in 3D/VR terms usually means “Side By Side”.


Awesome news. I did not know that but will investigate. So fallout in 2k, with headtracking in extended mode. Sweet

I built a 3-point IR-led hat clip several years ago the I use in conjunction with an old logitech camera. it does 30FPS with Freetrack. I may upgrade to a higher refresh camera to use with an HMD.

Just need Opentrack/Freetrack support in Direct mode now!