How to add Accessories to a backer upgrade order

How do I add accessories like an extra comfortkit bo my backer upgrade order ?
I want to use backer plan C and add an extra comforkit for my current 5K+
and at the same time use my $80 accessory coupon.


You can’t, blackfriday coupon is a piece of crap that forces you to buy unnecessary thing (accessories only) to get a second piece for free. So, if you buy 3 comfort kits, you will get 1 for free! Great deal, isnt?

Its made for new customers who purchase headsets with original price, not for backers or existing preorders. Another pimax fail.

Hi industria
Thats why I directed the question to @Matthew.Xu who is in aftersales :slightly_smiling_face: you are answering towards the usage og Black Friday coupon only​:wink:

The question again :smile:
when I spend $899 om and 8K X deluxe backer upgrade, and I want to purchase an extra comfort kit. how do I do that on the same order.

I should be able to do that, “and the apply the coupon” as I would have spend more than $150 on the order

This is not a thread for flame Pimax ! :slightly_smiling_face:
So please go to a other thread to do that.

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You started with backer upgrade plan but now asking for regular 8kx pre order, these are 2 different things. Flaming or not, I was still answering the question.

So please, let me stay and don’t f. play with me if you can’t read properly when I say “blackfriday coupon can’t be used with upgrade plan”, which means you can’t add anything to the upgrade plan.

2 different stores - coupon eligible with products that are being not discounted - not eligible

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@PimaxCommunity can you answer these questions - backers + potential customers are confused.


Did not mean to offend you sorry about that :slightly_smiling_face:
Not talking about preorder, did not state that anywhere.

I just do not see why I should not be able to add extras to my backer upgrade order, shipping is added anyways. So logic would be that selling more is better for Pimax.

lets just leave it at that and let Pimax answer :slightly_smiling_face:

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Because they clearly don’t want to mix upgrades and orders, or provide additional discount to your upgrade plan. Thats the reason of me being toxic, cause I can’t use blackfriday coupon or downgrade coupon on my plan G as well, which is completely unfair.

I get your point we are all worn out about Upgrade plans in general, what we can and cant do, that changes along the way. I feel ya buddy :+1:

here are the Black friday coupon conditions.

Black Friday& Cyber Monday Carnival Accessory Coupon Terms and Conditions

◦ This accessory coupon is valid from 2019-11-26 00:00:00 to 2019-12-02 23:59:00 (PST) and is effective when the total at check out of the order made at from 2019-11-26 00:00:00 to 2019-12-02 23:59:00 (PST) is equivalent to or above US$150. The accessory coupon is only effective to the *eligible accessory part of the order.
◦ *Eligible accessories include VR comfort kit, silicon protective sleeve, 2-in-1 cable and facial foam from
◦ Coupon cannot be clubbed and used for single order.
◦ The coupon can only be applied at the checkout of the order. No coupon discount can be added to the order whose payment has been completed.
◦ This coupon is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full and is valid for a single purchase only.
◦ This coupon is not valid during accessory sale or in conjunction with any special accessory promotion.
◦ Strictly no extension of the expiry date will be allowed.
◦ Pimax retains the right to reject any coupon that has been tampered with or found in any way unacceptable.
◦ Pimax is not responsible if a coupon is lost, stolen or used and no replacement will be provided in these circumstances.

I really don’t see which of those should apply to backers who upgrade to say 8K X and would want to purchase an extra comfort kit or any eligible items.

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And we come to the point, where pimax makes things attractive hiding the downside. I have official responses on my mail, but let’s wait for someone to popup and maybe explain the logic behind sharing codes with backers that they might not be able to use because they already spent their money during Kickstarter and just dont need a second hmd for the full price or two eyetrackings :slight_smile:


  • 100$ Downgrade Coupon usage (if order is already placed/payed) ,
  • return of money for the X 100$, +'s 50$,
  • shipping costs (like 60$),
  • wrong tax (for some folks)

return guide would be nice, and save the Forum from many threads asking just that.

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I did a separat order on comfortkit so I hofully get that soon :slight_smile: