How much will the 8kX RE will be? And what are the backers perks looking like now?

I’m a backer and I sold my 5k+ back in July-ish. Definitely interested in the 8kX RE now and wondering how much it will be?

I’m still due the backer perks (like everyone else I’m guessing). is this a good list of what to expect…?

$100 wireless coupon (applicable to new 8kX RE?)
$100 8k to 5k+ coupon applicable to 8kX RE
Some kind of credit for eye tracking if we don’t want to put it toward the paid eye tracking option now?
Cooling fan
Controllers (index for “free” if I want them sooner, sword sense if I wait)
Basestations (if want them sooner for $169. Pimax basestations for no additional charge if I wait)*
Deluxe Headstrap**
3 pieces of Content

I’m also owed extra face cushions I paid for and never got.

*Why are we being charged $169 for early basestations when the included basestations are listed as $150 + $10 shipping on the Kickstarter? Seems like there should be a credit here for those of us that backed the full package on the Kickstarter.

**Would I be getting a credit for the headstrap too since the 8kX RE already comes with one?


That is for the wireless module, which they haven’t managed to get working for the 8K-X yet. I doubt they would allow it to be used applied directly for the 8K-X.

If you backed the controllers initially during the Kickstarter.

As far as I am aware, Pimax isn’t going to produce any basestations and instead they are all going to be manufactured by Valve. As such, I don’t think the extra $169 is applicable here.

I haven’t heard anything about that. I would assume they are still going to send them out but there probably needs to be some confirmation (due to the new Comfort cushion which is better/larger).

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The Index controllers are free if you backed the controllers?

IIRC, if you backed the Pimax controllers (which are basically clones of the Knuckles style controllers), then they are giving the option of switching to Index controllers (at no extra cost) instead of waiting for the Sword controllers to be released.

Not for free they are not lol…

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You are correct. Just looked back at the live stream and they said that backers would have to pay the difference (between price backer paid for conrollers and the cost of the index controllers) + shipping.

Time-stamped link to live-stream: