How much does the Pimax 8k m2 weigh?

To the people who got to try the 8k m2, how heavy did it feel? Lighter than the Vive or Rift?

several of sweviver’s videos address this.

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lighter than vive ( at least mine preodered) , comparable to psvr weight

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Pimax 8k M2 vs Vive ce weight comparison

It weighs more? :thinking:

yep, Pimax is 11g heavier than vive ce, but it feels lighter when actually worn

How? I mean, I guess the weight distribution could be the reason but still.

Ok, I’m starting to doubt the accuracy of that weight comparison. According to google, the Vive weighs 470 grams, but his scale says it weighs 504… It’s definitely not a Vive Pre, as that weighs 555 grams. He also didn’t remove the cables on either of the headsets.

The Pimax contours match those of your face more closely. (That is, the far corners are not straight out ahead of you, torqueing the whole headset down.) Less torque means less downward pressure.

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