How Many replacements are needed?

Hi! If you don’t know, I have been dealing with a slight problem of dead pixels on my 5k super. shouldn’t be too much of a problem, get an rma problem solved right? well not in my case. I have ordered a 5k super 2 months ago. it came with a dead pixel in the sweet spot, no problem right? just return it. and thus I did, and got another one a week later, alas it too had dead pixels, 5 of them this time, way too much, and thus talking to customer support got it replaced, this has went on for a total of 6 different headsets, all 6 came broken. after some more asking on the customer service, congrats I get a 7th which arrived today. and within 10 minutes of use you will never guess what was found? that’s right! dead pixels! 4 of them, 3 down the middle and one on the top left corner. I have gone through 7 headsets so far, every last one has arrived broken. so here is my question.

where is the quality control? how many headsets would I have to go through, just to get a single one that works properly?

The support has been super friendly and helpful so far during this, but how many headsets is required just to get a single one that works? wouldn’t it save Pimax money to just do some quality control? so where is it? I paid $825 for this headset, and yet here I am, 2 months later, still missing a 5kSuper still down $825 and a 100% rate of a 5ksuper arriving broken, let us hope the 8th 5k super I get arrives working.

just here is a suggestion, maybe increase the quality control so that 1 person doesn’t get 7 broken headsets in a row. how can 1 person get 7 headsets in a row, all different SN and yet, every single one is broken, purely by coincidence and not a lack of quality control per what I’m told. Something is telling me that its not me having bad luck, but rather there is a lack of quality control that needs to be addressed and fixed, i love these headsets, but its hard to enjoy and recommend Pimax if its a 100% chance I will get a broken headset so far through owning the 5k Super and Both of my Artisans.