How long is the turn around to be able to return a headset?

I got an email from them when I asked to return my headset but so far nothing since and it’s been a few weeks now. How long does it normally take to get a return label from them?

Keep asking, Make new supen,
keep pushing.
I don’t want to wait for to long to sins im living in europe and the warehouse is in england.
Sins england is going to brexit the taxes are going through my doorstep.

So it really is just a case of keep bugging them and maybe they will fix it?

Are you still don’t got this? I think they will going to fix it.

Still fighting to get them to even reply to the emails about this. So far nothing past the first reply.

Is their no customer service?

emails go nowhere, open a support ticket here: I don’t know what they do in Europe, but in Australasia they send you an address and you have to return it yourself and ask for a refund for the shipping costs.

Pretty much no they got no support. As for opening a ticket I’ve opened three so far without a reply. Lesson learned about dealing with a Chinese company.

Have you got any mail TD from them or any no. through which you can make a call.