How is Smart Smoothing working with the 8KX?

Is Smart Smoothing working with the 8KX? I mean, the headset has 75Hz/75 FPS, does the SS reduce it to 38 FPS or 37 FPS? I read SweViver’s comment in another thread (, that DCS is not running well without stutters, when having 40-60 FPS with the 8KX. But with SS enabled these FPS should be enough to get a stutter free gameplay?
I’m asking, because I plan to purchase the 8KX only for playing DCS and IL2. I have a 6700K and a 1080Ti and with the 5K+ DCS runs ok’ish in 72Hz-mode without much stuttering, when SS is enabled.


Good question I’d like to know too as a DCSer and 8KX backer.

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Well PC is fast calculating device, it can work with 75/2= 37,5Hz. Steam shows us that rounded, probably as 38Hz.
90Hz = takt 0,0111111111…s
70Hz = takt 0,01333333… s
37.5Hz = takt 0,0266666… s

That means computers do not care if number is rounded and simple or not :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your answer.
Is there any official statement about the 8KX working with SS? Did anyone mention to have SS enabled when testing the device?

I might be wrong, but SS is not decreasing the fps or hz mode, it just adds simulated frames, so if you render 35 fps, you can basically see 70, while having 50, you will still see 70 with the only difference that more or less frames are fake. Fake frames will result into various artifacts (at least when more then half is simulated).

Anyways, there is nothing that could prevent 8kx from using reprojection of any kind, so yes, it will most likely support it.
There were actually official statements about it in the past, saying 8kx will support full range of brainwarp technologies (i.e. smartsmoothing + shuttereffect reprojection called brainwarp 2.0 or something like that).


I was playing with my 120Hz mode and wanted wide fov again… I’m spoiled now… I want 120 Hz…


I was just wondering , because there was no mentioning of SS in SweVivers reports about the 8KX nor in any other impressions so far. Maybe I am missing something. But you are right, there is no reason why the 8KX should not use this technique.
Using SS (in 72Hz-mode) is the only way I can play DCS without much stuttering at the moment in the 5K+.

As @neal_white_iii pointed out, SS increases use of CPU resources to reduce the GPU load.

So if DCS etc is already hurting your CPU, it may not be useful

(I use both SS and FFR wherever possible myself)