How is Mura of 5k+

currently have OG vive, Oculus GO and PSVR, in terms of mura the psvr is the worse by a long long way, its like looking through a faint rgb spiders web, then the vive, then the GO which has basically zero mura but of course poor blacks as its LCD.

pondering this, i think i would take poor blacks over bad mura anyday. The GO is currently my fav display, which does bode well for the pimax when it arrives.

so how is it on the 5k+ especially in dark scenes, does LCD even have mura?


I don’t see any mura at all on the 5k+.

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good news thanks for confirming

LCDs do not have mura, no, but with time they can exhibit image retention, showing up faint traces of images that have previously been on display for extended periods of time. I recall running one of those things that cycles RGB bars, on my Rift DK1 a few times, to try to get rid of such, by “excersising” it. :7

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Sorry but according to google LCDs can have mura.

Well, what do you know! Today’s lesson learned. :slight_smile:

In my defence, I’ll observe that from what I see, following googled links, the LCD lumiance unevenness is typically not caused by remotely the same sort of things as the OLED mura we know of, which is usually a fabrication defect, due to variances across the substrate (pixels burning out is a separate issue), but most commonly due to subsequent damage locally altering the thickness or viscosity of the liquid crystal layer, which is normally (as are the thickness of the electrode layers) very even, out of the factory. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, I think that’s true so you were in fact partly correct.


*exorcising :smiling_imp:


Naah, better not let the little demons in the hamster wheel out - they are what keeps the thing running. :7

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