How far behind are 8KX shipments?

8KX shipments are clearly behind otherwise Pimax would be saying how great they are going. So just how far behind are they. 1 step forward 4 steps back with Pimax, simple communication isn’t hard???

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Me waiting for my 8KX pre-order
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“Let’s give them the wednesday update on thursday and let’s just not mention 8k-X orders, that should shut them up”


Yeah, I remember how aggressive certain Pimax employees/officials can react when others or I doubt their reports of shipments etc. but after all is said and done unfortunately the critical voices are often proven to be much more accurate than the Pimax attack squad‘s bold claims.

I don‘t recall that they issue apologies for that behaviour though.

I don‘t see much chance that we will see all 8KX shipped to the 383 original backers this month, given the awkward silence on the 8KX shipping update. Let‘s see if I have to repeat this sentence in four weeks for August…


How many 8kx backers are still waiting for tracking numbers ? I thought Pimax would be up to sending to backer upgrades by now .

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Looks like we won’t be getting an update until next Thursday and I doubt it will be good.


Again were left to speculate on our own


Just weeks ago people told me to keep calm. So I’ll return the favor. On a serious note though I do hope Pimax actually gets an explanation out. This whole radio silence just makes everyone uncomfortable.

I do hope when everyone gets their X, they will have their cloth, back cushion, and extra foam.


my backer number is somewhere in the middlings and I don’t have my tracking number or an update from the fedex app so far, so I’d say they’ve shipped less than 200 so far


So why i have seen a backer # 1360 receiving his headset?

What am I missing?

in total there were 5,946 backers, the 8kx backers were interspersed throughout this entire range, we have no way of knowing how backer number relates to the 380 8KX backers

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It puzzles me what is the difference between a backer # 1360 vs a backer # 1420 , when coming to an 8k x

This is why it would have been nice to know the numbering of the pimax kx backers

Sweviver already said they are not going specifically by backer number, but by region (as the paperwork differs by region) so they are doing batches per region


Wtf? You’re telling me Pimax has to fullfill 5,946 backers before they start shipping to pre-order customers? That’ll take at least another year based on the rate Pimax is doing now!

So what is the point to have a backer # ?
There is no order by backer. It is a chaos

No, he was saying that were 5,946 backers in the original kickstarter campaign…not all of them upgraded to an 8KX…


Yes, Pimax is as Pimax does

Theyve stated ad nauseum they have about 400 backers but lookin at the number of reviews it may well be BS about them shipping preorders(to which I am one) in august even late august before they even start on preorders,I may well have to cancel as its starting to look like october ,november for preorders and I dont want my money tied up forever,realistically if it goes on to much longer your looking at crazy delays because of Christmas,Im making these assumptions based on the numbers of actual numbers of reviews posted which arent to many for late july time frame they put up.

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