How do i use pimax 5k+ with oculus home?

ive tryed to use 5k+ in oculus home, but when it tryes to recognize it, it says i have none conectect.
its ok in steamvr, but how do i make it work in oculus?

Unfortunately, you can’t launch games or browse oculus home with the 5K+ or 8K, the hardware is not supported directly. You can only launch games through Pitool or Steam. I miss oculus home and dash but it is what it is. Happy at least that Pimax is compatible with many oculus and steam games.

So I’m a newbie to oculus. What are the steps to download Oculus games before I download the games and how do I save them into PItool launcher ? Please.

@taserface first install oculus, skip setup, download any game you like, close oculus, restart pc or stop oculus service, then install pitool and once open pitool it will scan for games and oculus game should up by default.