How do I disable steam theater mode, for non steam games?

I bought a PC that had cyberpunk on the hard drive. But its not linked to my steam account, so I cant turn off theater mode, when I open it with steam. I need to turn it off to run the vorpx standalone mod or the luke ross mod. There is no option to turn off theater mode when I add it to steam, as a non steam game. Does anyone have a solution to this? Thanks

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If you use the Menu for SteamVR in your desktop in one of the options there you can disable Theater mode.

Here is a link for VR toolbox with specific details.

Here is ss of specific part

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I actually did this already. But when I launch cyberpunk with the vorpx stand alone mod, i just see the game on a floating screen in front of me. Even when i select full vr mode, its still just a floating screen. Does that mean its in theater mode?

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Not sure. I haven’t ran VorpX myself. SteamVR Theater Mode it feels kind of like a theater Room to some extent with a part under the screen to adjust iirc aspect and centering; it has been awhile that being said Luke Ross recently released a VR Mod for Cyberpunk.

You may need to look into VorpX settings regarding to Cyberpunk.

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This link has a pic with Theater Mode for reference

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I also had this and gave up. I work through wednesday but hope to crack vorpx or luke ross to play my favorite game correctly!


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