How can I fix some of these issues?

Every time I use my 8kx I get problems and just get off of it every time I research for hours and nothing solves them. And they aren’t resolution issues. I even purposely put the resolution down to 50% and still same.

Blade and sorcery keeps crashing any time I use powers or just randomly when picking things up.

Beatsaber looks like a Bloody mess. there is so much Murra and it’s so bad it’s unplayable. I have to focus so much on the blocks and it gives me a headache it basically looks like a reflection

Pimax PE profiles change so much on new beta, I have disabled all the settings to create new profiles and settings and every time I start pimax it makes a new common setting that I have to delete every damn time. Many more I can’t remember till I get on next

Hi, i had the same with onward, fixed it with deactivating this:

Try this and let me know, if it fix ur problem too :slight_smile:

But in Beatsaber i have the same wrong feeling :frowning: dont know how to fix that yet

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Hi B-Tech,

Have your problem:Murra been solved?
If not , you can make a ticket for help in helpdesk.


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