Hotkeys for Motion Smoothing or Compulsive Smoothing while in -game?

Hey guys/gals! I was hoping to spur some ideas about making it possible to toggle motion smoothing and/or compulsive smoothing on/off while in game via hotkeys. I tried using AutoHotKey, but the PiTool GUI is non-standard, so I can’t grab the Control ID etc.

@hammerhead_gal Can you share with your team that this would be a wonderful and probably somewhat simple addition to future versions of PiTool? It would allow for much easier and quicker comparison between the two. Looks like other topic touched on this in 2019. Can we bump this suggestion?

Relatedly, you can turn them on and off in Pitool when in any game by alt-tabbing to the settings, but regardless of the game you’re playing (oddly you can turn the options off by changing them in ANY profile even when it’s not the game that’s currently running, so I feel like these options belong under HMD settings, rather than activating from a profile), clicking the motion smoothing button is instantaneous, where the compulsive smoothing has to be “applied”. It’s just not consistent in function and seems slightly misplaced. Thanks for your consideration.


I might have a solution to the hotkeys soon! Again courtesy of @mbucchia who was kind enough to create a cli which can toggle the buttons…just need a day off work to make an autohotkey.


Yep pimax_cli · mbucchia/Pimax-OpenXR Wiki · GitHub plus autohotkeys and I can immediately turn on compulsive smoothing or motion smoothing. You can even change the fov mask…all while you play the game (DCS not working as it forced fullscreen and blocks hotkeys)

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