HOLY CRAP. My survey landed this morning

So that was quick!
I was pretty well on board for keeping my 8k, but after having a sleep on it, I am not so sure anymore… Here’s the sitch…

  1. Mainly a seated/sim guy. E:D, AC, Dirt, DCS and IL2 are my main go-to’s. I will probably get into roomscale stuff after the new PC(s) but games I listed (and the likes) will probably remain my priority.

  2. I hope to maximize the benefits of the 8K. Especially after I dump what appears to be about 5+ grand into a new PC core and mITX rig, I am not exactly looking to buy another HMD in a year or two.

  3. Small consideration, but I am coming from camp Oculus, so I have no base stations yet. With a downgrade I could snag a couple with the savings. (BTW where the hell do you buy the HTC 2.0 units???)

My concern is that the new build may still be insufficient to make the most of the 8K. I watched the three big reviews, and I am just about to watch @mixedrealityTV 's AMA. Looking forward to @SweViver 's AMA in a bit. Could you guys maybe weigh in on this?

Last thing- The survey encouraged me to ask some questions, so I plan on it. I was going to ask about ETA of their base stations and the ETA/anticipated performance gains of their brainwarp tech. I think if BW was to be viable soon and could help the 8k mitigate the demands on hardware, that would put me over the edge. Also I plan to ask about moddable aspects going forward- replacing panels and other components. If there’s a viable option to upgrade this unit to either an 8K+ or 8K X, that would also probably seal the deal for me. Any thoughts would be appreciated- totally feeling the pressure.

-Riccardo (Backer #32)


You don’t. And every time I check for new lighthouses from HTC (even v1) they are out of stock. I bought a used Vive for the tracking & wands because I’m also coming from a Rift.

Edit: You can get 2.0 basestations from HTC… if you buy the full Vive Pro kit (don’t do that).

Pimax FAQ talked about basestations starting to come in October so I would suffer without them for the month. HTC will fucking rob you and ask you to say thanks after


True story dude. I see v1 units on ebay for pretty good money as well. But yah- much rather get the V2’s from Pimax.


I would post your specs for testers convenience to answer easier.

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Definitely. It would help to hear what the deal with Zen 2 will be.


Could you please post a picture of the survey?
I am very curious to see what it looks like.


It’s just an email.

Will you keep 8K or switch to 5K+?

You may refer to the very in-depth reviews by our testers to make your decision:

Mixed Reality TV | https://www.youtube.com/mixedrealitytv | German/English
SweViver | https://www.youtube.com/sweviver | English
VoodooDE | https://www.youtube.com/c/VoodooDE_PCGaming | German

Also, would love to know what are the accessories you’d like to add with the $100 extra pledge, if you plan to switch to 5K+

Feel free to let me know for any question!
Best regards,Pimax Support

What backer number are you? Just wondering if they’re doing the surveys in batches.

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I’m backer #24 and got mine this morning as well


I’m 194 so hopefully I’m not far behind! :smiley:

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And so it begins…

Well, alright, alright, ALRIGHT!


I am backer #141 and they had not sent me nothing. Maybe only the first 100 ??? Well still waiting. :sleeping:

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I am in the US, and did make a point to ask them about shipping method to the US.

Also asked about BW, future modding potential and ship date for base stations. I am tempted to flip my $100 towards base stations. I think that was pledged towards eye tracking? I honestly have forgotten…

I will definitely share Pimax’s replies as soon as they get back to me.

On the bright side, I got mine THE MORNING after the NDA was lifted. They are not screwing around :slight_smile:


Eye tracking should be free as part of the Kickstarter campaign goals. (with audio strap, demisting fans, extra cushions, VR titles, and $100 coupon for wireless module).

Not included in stretch goals (for easy reference):
additional base stations
controllers (if not part of original pledge)
hand tracking
scent module (gross)
extension cable


Right on- so perhaps my $100 was to the hand tracking. Might flip that to base station, as hand tracking is probably still a ways away…

There’s no reason to suspect the underlying tech (Kinect has been around for years, demos looked responsive). But developer support seems nonexistent.Case of niche (hand tracking) within niche (PC VR) within niche (high end PC Gaming).

This is really at the core of it. I dream of DCS’s cockpits being run by hand tracking. So frustrating, because we have the tech right now.