HMD, Controllers should all be Lighthouse 2.0 compatible

Since 2.0 sensors are backwards compatible with 1.0 lighthouses shouldn’t all the Pimax 8k HMD’s and controllers come with 2.0 sensors?

The headset and controllers have 2.0 sensors


DO we have a confirm on this? I know it was posted early on in the Kickstarter that when your order the HMD by itself it came with 1.0 sensors

The Pimax lighthouses are v2, so the HMD and controllers have to come with v2 sensors otherwise they wouldn’t work, just as the Vive/Vive controllers will not work with Pimax v2 lighthouses.


Early in the kickstarter they said HMD only orders come with lighthouse 1 sensors on it. Looking to get a confirm that they will be 2.0

They are not going to make two different models, one excluding you to be able to buy their lighthouses and controllers in the future!? I know their answers in comments have been atrociously misleading during the KS but this you can be sure of. They ‘are’ v2 sensors and will ‘work’ with v1 and v2 lighthouses.

Nice thanks makes sense.

V2 sensors are backward compatiable with v1 lighthouses. V2 lighthouses are not compatiable with v1 sensors.

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Hi guys, for your reference.


So that’s a yes, all backed HMD’s and controllers will come with light house 2 sensors?

Yes controllers headset & pimax lighthouses are v2.

Headset & controllers have v1 lighthouse (vive) backwards compatibility.

Lighthouse v2 are compatiable with v2 laser tracking only & v2 lighthouses only.

? What if I just backed the HMD, does it come with light house 2.0 compatible sensors?

This is driving me crazy:

Pimax: Do HMD’s only pledges have light house 2.0 compatible sensors Yes or No?

No Laser tracking v2 on pimax headsets & pimax controllers are backward compatiable with v1 vive lighthouses.

Hope this clears things up.

No that does not clear it up.

Do the HMD have light house 2.0 compatible sensors on them Yes or No

it’s not that hard to understand, the 2.0 sensors are compatible with lighthhouse 1.0 and 2.0

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Yes , the pimax 8k works with lighthouse 1.0 and 2.0

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PiMax Headset & Controllers V2.0 tracking.
-PiMax v2.0 Lighthouse Compatible? - YES
-Vive v1.0 Lighthouse Compatible? - YES

Vive Headset & Vive controllers v1.0 tracking
-PiMax v2.0 Iighthouse Compatible? - NO
-Vive v1.0 Lighthouse Compatible? - Yes

Can PiMax v2.0 Lighthouses be used with Vive v1.0 Lighthouses? - NO

Hope this clears the confusion. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

No one said it was hard to understand.
What I wanted to know is if the HMD came with the 2.0 sensors

Then your question was not clear. Hope my last post clarifies the info you wanted. Pimax v2.0 sensors.

Literally first reply (by tristanc btw) answered your question.