Higher than 90hz on lower FOV (Normal/small) for pimax 8kX

Are there any news about a possible increase in refresh rate for lower fov on the 8kX? It was possible with the 5k+ and I have to say I would not have bought it if pimax didnt make that happen. Now im sitting with the 8kX thinking this will blow any other headsets out the window if we can get higher than 90hz on smaller fov. I use mostly normal or small anyways. For simracing, 120hz would have been really nice. even 110hz.

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you can use the 110 on upscale but 90Hz seems to be the limit with DSC on native even on lower fov.


You can try the 110hz upscale mode.
Please take note, this is may be vary depends on the game’s preferences.

I’m aware of the 114hz upscale mode and I have an 8kplus as well. I’m thinking native on 8kX and higher than 90hz. It should be possible like it was with the 5k+ in smaller fov.
Smaller fov free up the bandwidth and more hz can be used. This will be a killer move by pimax on the flag ship model. A lot of people will be interested in higher refresh rates and I know this has been discussed before, but Pimax didn’t show interest so I’m trying again :man_shrugging:t4:.


I don’t know if you are aware of it. But actually the execution of 90Hz/nativ is a small miracle, since it is far beyond the actual possibilities of DP1.4.


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