Hideous new websites and bad mistakes

  1. The new forum design is really bad. It also sounds like open Mixed Reality. I don’t think you wanna advertise the competition. Why is it .ai ?

  2. The website section for the artisan is a very bad design. The one for 5K+ was so good, why is to so bad now?

  3. The specifications tab for the headsets don’t show the headsets specifications anymore.

  4. Why is noone advertising the Artisans better mtp of 10ms compared to the older headsets with 15ms? Explain to us what you did to make it better! It’s great but advertise it!

Who is responsible for the websites? These are big screw ups. This really tarnishes the professional image you were building all this time.

Thank you for your opinion, I’m sure it will be appreciated.

I know people work hard. Hope nobody takes stuff like that to hard. Probably much going on rn with all the events and such. Still I felt it needed to be pointed out.

In my opinion their website is quite stylish compared to the old design. Haven’t checked the Artisan page.

The forum is getting redesigned and isn’t finished yet either.
The categories and sub-categories are re-arranged and in my opinion it all makes perfect sense now.

Anyway, you might want to tag @PimaxQuorra to get your opinion heard by the Pimax staff.

Hello Intet,

Firstly, we did appreciate on the suggestions/problems you stated above. Let us make the explanation to you.

  1. For the mean time, we are applying to get the domain name (openmr.com), it still undergoing process,please kindly spare us some time, will update it once we got the approval.

  2. We are sorry that we didn’t make you feel satisfy on the Artisan webpage. We are going to make the edit soon on the Artisan, or else do you have any idea towards this?

  3. It is our mistake didn’t complete the specification, we will add this on later.

  4. Marketing is working on to do the advertisement. Soon will be ads reveal on social media (Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram/Forum). For the explanation on better MTP, will clarify by our IT team and make a post in the forum soon.

The forum is still under designing, we will finish it ASAP.

@TrevorVR Thank you for the suggestion, we will forward this to the webmaster for arranging the categories.

Wish both of you have a great weekend!


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