HI! - About my order, and what did you get - tldr

Yes Hello all. New poster. Couple month ‘accidental’ user of the Pimax 5k XR.
I initially ordered a 5k XR after much consideration, and quickly, perhaps in panic changed my mind due to the @Sweviver XR vid that vid came just in time for me personally - To a 5k+. Thanks for all the great info you’ve shared btw swe, and the other main two :wink:

My main use was always going to be car sims, and clarity in the distance is important to me - On the side I also put down for the pimax controllers btw and don’t have any previous manufacturers gear to use in the meantime. So I’m waiting for the full vr experience atm, having just a ten minute teaser in currys on a OG vive so far :slight_smile:

Anyway. I ended up getting sent the XR. I was very suspicious after seeing only the planets pimax ‘screensaver’ or whatever you call it, that I had the wrong headset. Because the colours and the blacks were fantastic! I actually just stared in there wide eyed moving my head around, drying my eyeballs out for many minutes lol before I even tried to get a game rolling.

It had been a few weeks since my ten minute demo on the vive though so I couldn’t be sure, I’d heard to expect washed out colours and blacks up to the vive, but that FOV oughtta make up for it.

I was new to the hassle of getting things to work. But read online before buying that it was expected. Pimax isn’t new user vr user friendly. But I was accepting of the drawbacks for the benefits :slight_smile: My small incremental achievements and experiences seemed worth the struggle. I had that ten minutes in vive to go from, and expected a different and more validating experience with the 5k+ (I thought I had that anyway)

Firing up city car driving in vr was uh, I can’t properly describe how I felt because thanks to health reasons I haven’t been able to drive legally, and I chose to stay legal, for 16 years. And driving with the g27 wheel with free head movement felt like… freedom. Very authentic, aside from me hammering the pedal in an rs500, sideways sickness :wink: But that experience was exactly what I paid for, the wide fov was like what I always personally expected vr should have been, a little viewport into a 3d world (110 fov) just didn’t seem worth the money before.

After I got those parallel projection issues sorted - I wasn’t disappointed.

I still had my suspicions though… Those reds seemed terribly low res… The general clarity and screendoor.

After I updated pitool, it told me what I suspected. and steamvr too, I had an XR. I kinda knew beforehand, but with no absolute confirmation your mind plays tricks.

I would say there’s a beautiful look to the XR. It really does pop. Driving at night with that was something you have to experience to apprieceate You can’t describe it or show in a video justifiably.

However… I did after confirmation of having the XR, request it was changed to the 5k+, And here’s why.

Black crush in video is immense! I have gone back and forth in my mind about what is best whether I should keep this mis-sent XR for the admittedly beautiful vibrance and black blacks or swap to 5k+ for the tightness but accepting the blandness- or not, not far off 3 dozen times, there’s compromise whatever you choose, but ultimately- if you like me are interested in simulation and even then, if you want to watch big screen video - you’re probably imo better off with the 5k+. Because bearing in mind that black crush I mentioned and pixel arrangement, you’ll miss about 50% of the detail on big screen video, I ramped up the contrast AND brightness - it didn’t help the actual video just the border was influenced!

As far as my experience shows.

I kinda love the XR I asked for originally, but never should have had due to the timely change. But I also for what it’s worth, would say that if you’re thinking about buying a Pimax headset, and are in doubt about which to buy between the XR and the 5k+, buy the 5k+.

PS. Anyone else get the wrong headset? What you think about what YOU got ?


I didn’t get the wrong headset, but I personally don’t feel like the 5k+ is terribly ‘washed out’ coming from a Rift CV1. There is maybe a bit of an ‘overexposed’ look in very bright scenes, and I guess the blacks are a bit foggy, but the colour in general looks a lot more vibrant than I’m used to.

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I hope that it won’t take that many months to switch, waiting for the replacement, that when I get the 5k+ I’m not disappointed with my decision and can enjoy the increased perspective clarity, skerper thanks for your comment and I imagine I’ll be happy with the 5k+ while waiting and saving for that 8k ultra thing. Whatever that’s gonna be called. 8KPLUSXR BUSINESS, Glad Pimax exists personally even if they’re a pain in the erss sometimes :smiley: