HereSphere VR Video Player. Finally i found Video player with decent VR browser feature

I was struggling a lot to find an easy way to watch Youtube VR 180 videos.
Before i had to:

1 Find video in youtube
2 copy link
3 paste link to other application
4 wait until it downloads fully
5 open VR player and find VR video on disk
6 Watch

I tested a lot of video players and applications without luck. And finally i found HereSphere VR Video Player. It has Browser feature that allows you to easy watch Youtube VR videos in 2 steps:

1 Find video in youtube
2 Watch

No need to copy any links, spent time on downloading, store big video files on HDD. All you need is to click on stream button in the upper left corner.
Also it has some interesting zoom feature. When you move head forward/backward it zoom in/out the picture, a bit like 6DoF.

It still have some problems. Like some Stereo (2 eyes) videos plays only in mono (1 eye). When i download video with other app i can choose what to download, but HereSphere VR Video Player downloads and plays only biggest quality as it thoughts.

At Steam there is also Free demo version with only 15 second annoying message popping up every ~10 minutes in menu (never shows when you watch video).

For stream to work i had to download from github application yt-dlp. Just followed the instruction Instructions for streaming videos :: HereSphere VR Video Player General Discussions and streaming start working.


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