Help in placing an order

Please help with filling out the order form.
It probably looks silly, but I just don’t want to make a mistake when entering the data :sunglasses:

  1. It says that I need to upload documents there for identification. Which documents do I need to upload?

  2. I made an additional payment for Cloth strap * 1 and Face cushion * 1 in the amount of $ 15.
    But I don’t know where I should find the payment confirmation PDF. I checked all the letters from Kickstarter, there are no PDF attachments.
    Can I just attach a screenshot from Kickstarter, where does it indicate how much I paid in total, and the last 4 digits of the card number?

  1. In the “GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK” field, what should I write? (is it just a comment on the order for Pimax or is it a review that will appear somewhere?)

@Matthew.Xu, @PimaxUSA, @PimaxVR, @SweViver

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The big one is to upload the proof that you are a backer. The original KS receipt itself or emails from us.


Good, I’ll uploading pdf letter from Kickstarter where my backer number, order amount and other data are indicated. I hope this is enough.

It just seemed to me that there I needed to upload my passport for identification.


ps: tomorrow most likely, because today is a day off, and hardly anyone will process my order.

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@PimaxUSA What feedback will there be if our “proof” is deemed insufficient? I attached a screenshot like in the OP but now I see you mentioned the receipt. Do I need to make a ticket or something?

Also, how’s the Index controller/LH shipping going? Have those started to leave the office yet?


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