Help,display error 8k

My pimax 8k is display error, Please look at the image, A horizontal line is in the center of the screen

Please tell me how to improve it

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Try to reboot the HMD in the HMD tab of PiTool.

If that doesn’t work, try restarting the PiServiceLauncher service (Ctrl-Alt-Del -> Task Manager -> Services -> Right click PiServiceLauncher and choose restart).

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And if that doesn’t work, turn off the headset (unplug the power at the input to the Pimax cable), then reboot your computer, and finally (after booting into Windows) plug the power in.

I’ve had this issue (only) once and the procedure above fixed it.


Thx Reply
I tried that method but it did not work well


The lamp of the main unit does not light green

I’m not sure exactly what that indicates, but it sounds a problem.

Power supply of main unit

Does the led show red? You have said suspect psu of headset? Are you able to try another 12v 2amp psu?

That is not possible.
Please let me know other ways

The vr headset lamp does not turn green.

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You may need to submit a support Ticket. To do so you need to create a support account.

With the wall adapter plugged in is the led Red? If so does the headset get detected by pitool?

what does it then?
did you read about the led’s in the pitool manual?
red / green / purple and blinking (3 color) are mentioned there
when not connected to the pc but powered it should be red, if you connect it to the pc what happens next?

The lamp has become green
But there was a problem with the screen

Is detected
The lamp has become green
I have a problem with my display

looks like you should contact pimax support, if the headset is running (led green) and you have the latest pitool and nvidia driver then it will be hardware related


will still see a horizontal pattern on the display

I will contact support