Hello I'm trying to contact support but

Hello to all I’m Massimiliano (Max)
I just bought a Primax vr 5k primax but unfortunately I have problems
and I’m trying to contact support from Friday to be able to solve them,
do you know how long it responds ???
I contacted him via Skype
site help in the support session and via direct email
but unfortunately I have not had an answer …
who knows what to do?
Thanks to all Max

Atm they have a backlog of support tickets. With luck maybe hear from them this week.

Our community is quite adept & might be able to help depending on the issue.

What problems are you having?

Please post pc specs & gpu driver & pitool version please.

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Hi Heliosurge Thanks for the reply.
I bought a Prima xr 5k oled (if you tell me how to understand if it is really him because there is nothing written on the box).
I installed the PiTool software (taken from the forum here) correctly
no error all peripheral devices for connecting the viewer install the USB on the motherboard USB2 port as required. On the video card not the motherboard,
seeing the back of the computer in the slot to the right of the HDMI connected to the PC the video cable of the viewer
The power supply in the 220v mains socket.
When I turn on the display does not turn on I performed all the tests and diadgnose of the program I entered attached photos of everything
surely you will understand better Thanks Max


Okay everything generally looks good.

I don’t have the Pimax 5kXR(oled) but it might have the designation on the headset bottom sticker.

With your GPU try the other DP if you have more than 1.

With the wall adapter plugged in is the headset small led Red? If so it is receiving power.

Sometimes switching USB ports can work. Generally try Usb 3.x ports usually blue or red. Red ones usually have more power. As a debug step try only having headset with mouse & keyboard in usb ports.


Just want to make sure You’ve already tried it:
In the status tab did You press “Diagnose” and then “Restart Service”?


sorry if I have not replied but
meanwhile he wrote to me
Wythe from the Pimax technical support team (from which I received no more help emails)
and sent me a single email where he gave me the opportunity to detect the viewer with a new software that now has no more errors but when I launch any program such as P3D DCS etc the viewer remains black and nothing is visible
I don’t know what it depends on.
I would like to point out that I currently do not have: controller tracker base station
if you please tell me where I am that maybe I can see if at least the viewer works
P.S. how I understand if the viewer is an oled
thanks Max

No worries. But still need some info.

With the 220v wall adapter plugged into the Cable is the headset led Red? (No other cables need to be plugged in)

If the headset led is red. Try different usb ports preferably usb 3.x ports. Blue or Red colored ports normally. (See mb manual) red ports are usually higher powered ports.

Ensure your not using front ports but ports on back of pc.

I believe that with a photo I will surely explain myself better
With the 220v wall adapter connected
photo 1 lights up
photo 2 immediately after
I inserted USB cable into USB3 port


Interesting. Thanks for the pics.

By your pics you should be connected & ready to go. But your receiving code 10500?

Something I have forgotten. With your 1080 have you downloaded the Nvidia Firmware Bios upgrade tool? If not download it as your current connectivity issue. Would likely be why if not up to date. It upgrades dp 1.4 features.

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I don’t know what your 10500 receive code is
how can i see it ??

I updated the 1080 bios of the PD from 1.3 to 1.4

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It’s shown on one of Your screenshots.


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Have you by any chance updated your GFX card with a Custom Bios ? I was running a custom Bios on my own 1080Ti and with that Bios only 1 DP Port was enabled.
So I was unable to use the HMD before I had returned to the stock Bios for my card


This is my current situation all working but the video does not turn on remains off

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Just to confirm this is the nvidia update tool.

Okay may need to wait for support to answer your ticket.

Edit if you don’t have light houses.

Goto next tab & turn lighthouse tracking off.

Either way you need to click through room setup.

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This link may help a bit dated & needs updating.


Yes this iis the link

Even without light houses you need to click through the room setup. When you get to your height enter it manually.

Once complete you might be good to go.

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Haven’t read which version of Pitool you are using but be sure to use the proper version of the NVidia driver required for that Pitool version. The latest Nvidia driver should do. Just a thought.

I installed steam leave it or should I uninstall ??
the PiTool version is
link indicated by Wythe that unfortunately I can no longer contact for 2 days … I hope to solve …