Headtracking psmove and freepiebridge?


I would like to know if the pimax is compatible with the headtracking with a psmove and if so, how?
To get something like this (without vrige):
thank you in advance

I bought these few days ago, and i watched the tutorial excatly what they did, i did it also.

SteamVR reconized them but they are HORRIBLE!, a lot of shaking, they are inverted (idk how to fix it) etc. It’s like i wasted 100$ for nothing… I will try doing several time the proccess and i will write you if i success to make them work nicely.

PS I am using 2 pseye camere (which should be more than ok for 180 degrees traking)

Hi! :slight_smile:
I have 4 pseye around me and it works relatively well after making the right adjustments, psmove controllers and cameras.
The tremors are present but not always unpleasant.

Can you help me :grin: please :sweat_smile:

I am trying to make them work more than 3 days, with no success. Maybe i am doing something wrong.

ok I will try,
The most important and well validated all the color tracking colors on each psmove in psmove service tool.
Then properly adjust gyroscopy and orientation of the controllers
Then configured well the follow-up