Headset sent to wrong adress. (Changed adress after moving)

Hey Guys,

Regarding P1605:
So Pimax sent my headset to the wrong adress. They sent the headset to the adress which i registered with creating my account back in late october.
Happens that I moved to a new appartment 1st of feb. Immidiatly changed my adress on my profile, deleted old and set new adress as default.
I recieved an email to complete my adress info 18th feb. (as many others did). Got a reply 18th mar, that they recieved it.

12th i recieved an email that my headset was on its way! YAY! To my horror they used my old adress. Talked to the delivery company, but there was nothing that they could do about it besides sending it back.

Wrote to pimax support, but havent heard anything back.
This is agony!


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