Headset screens keep changing to a static digital noise mosaic

So I have an issue with my Pimax 5K + where after playing for a short time, maybe 10-15 minutes, my headsets screens change to a static mess that you can see an example of below. Turning off and back on, completely unplugging from the computer and the headsets cord as well, and rebooting the computer do nothing to fix it, just changes what that mosaic looks like. The ONLY thing that seems to get it working again for now is to reflash the headsets firmware. But then another 10 minutes later, it does it again. And it’s getting worse.
Sometimes if I just leave it unplugged overnight it will be working again the next day, but it’s unusable as is. And no this is not the sparkling pixel issue others have mentioned, I’ve tried unplugging and reseating the cable as suggested and it only changes that messed up mosaic, which again, is mostly static when it happens and only changes on power cycles.
I was an 8k Kickstarter backer that switched to the 5K + btw.

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You probably need to schedule a TeamViewer session with @Doman.Chen or @Sean.Huang.

They’ll most likely ask You to create an issue for it too so here’s a link for their issue/bug tracking system (acoount is seperate from forum and shop):

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That doesn’t sound good. If you haven’t done so sign up for a support account & create a support ticket (Supen) & post Supen number here.

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been quite busy this week. The number is SUPEN-3571