Headset not tracked [Solved]

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Just got my 8K X but I can’t get past room setup because it just says headset not tracked. I’ve tried Pitool 258, 260, and 261.

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You use Lighthouse Stations?

Yes and the controllers are tracked, but the headset is not

In pitool lighhouse is activated? Have you try switch to 9axis and back to lighthouse?

Yes, just tried that, still nothing.

how far are the stations from the HMD? did you also set different channels?

I’m trying at all different distances, from a few inches, to a few feet. One is on channel 1 and the other is channel 5

it is good if one of the stations is initially further away. 6ft and greater.

The channels says, you have LH 2.0. I don’t know the correct channels for 2.0, but you can try 1+2 and 2+3 for the stations. There is a small button on the rearside to switch.

For LH 1.0, A+B is the Right Choice without Link cable

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I tried several different channel configurations but no change

press the Reboot HMD button or reboot the PiService service

Yep, tried both of those

Hmm, that’s strange… if nothing help, think you make a Ticket to the technical support.

Edit, you should change to a other USB 3.0 Port before

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If You’re using extension cables, try without them as they most likely won’t work with the 8KX (even if they worked with Your 5K+/8K).

You can also look through some of the hints on the Wiki:

Specifically these:

Basestation/lighthouse related

EDIT: A handful of extension cables have been tested working:


Me and a few others had a lot of problems with gaining tracking on the blue case Artisans. I found I had to wait sometimes up to 10 minutes for it to gain tracking. Try leaving it that long and after 10 or so minutes try rebooting the headset and then leave again. If it is the same problem (which hopefully it isn’t and it’s something silly) then you will probably want to send it back as it’s a complete pain because you have to go through that process each time you start it up or change Hz. I sent mine back and now have one of the non-blue case versions that gains tracking immediately - I guess they had a faulty batch of comms chips or something.


I’ve tried all the tips and still nothing, BUT, I tried on my laptop that has a 1080 and it works! So at least it’s not a hardware issue. Now I just need to figure out what’s wrong with my PC.


I had an issue where it was difficult to get it tracked initially on only one of the displayport ports on my old graphics card (Strix 1080Ti OC).

The other port was fine… :upside_down_face:

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I’m actually surprised it works on my laptop because that uses an external GPU that didn’t work well with the 5K+


Yeah. That seems pretty weird…? :smiley:

EDIT: Maybe it’s just a question of enough power/signal strength on the actual port of the GPU and not so much anything else? That would make sense.

Well I finally got it working with my main PC. Had to wipe steamvr and reinstall.



If the same issue happened, please let us know immediately.
We will assign a technician and diagnose the problem for you!


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