Headset dead 8KX

After a year my 8KX is completely dead.
To clarify the PiTool can’t connect to the HMD and the indicator LED at the power button is dead.

I’ve raised a support ticket but cannot say I’m too impressed so far with how it’s handled.

I have tried different USB ports, even powered ones. I even bought a new cable on suggestion from support, but to no avail.

So have anyone else had their headset give up and what happened then?

Of course I can just have bad luck, but it’s hard to swallow for a 1500€/$ device that it lasts just a week or two beyond the warranty.

I am very sorry to hear of your experience. I would recommend sharing your ticket# with @PimaxQuorra and he can look into it.

Just to confirm the Headset indicator led is completely dead? Will not even turn read?

When connected to the pc does it make an connecting sounds?

The 8KX is highly modular and far more repairable than other HMDs on the market. It’s very possible that a single point of failure exists and that a part may be available for repair. It may be as simple as a DP cable, in which case if you need one I have a spare and would gladly send it to you no charge.

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Unfortunately the cable itself doesn’t seem to be the issue as he had said support encouraged him to buy and try.

Oh I missed that. Dang I just feel terrible for @Jonfog. Someday mine will go the same way. There are folks looking for parts however; perhaps you can get some value out of it?

Hopefully pimax can evaluate this further. On one side imho if the ticket was maybe filed prior to the warranty ending(which imho should start after being delivered) they should indeed help him out.

Pimax while at times support has been hit and miss; there has also been clear cases of them going above and beyond. Unfortunately most often a customer whom has a really good experience are not often as loud as a customer whom has had a bad experience.

Imho pimax should look into maybe contacting ifixit as a possible reseller of repair components.


Thanks to all replies.
Hopefully it is possible to disassemble and replace some component.
I’ll let you know.

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Sorry to hear of your experience bro.

Do you mind share the ticket # with me, so I could take a look with our tech team.

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Hi. I do think it’s 35672.

Hi again. Looks like i’m going to get a replaced unit, and that’s great.


Awesome to hear!

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even though you are technically just out of warranty? oh that’s great, nice to read about good support.


Well I estimate that it’s about 1 week past the end of the warranty. Sadly I didn’t keep the receipt for the delivery so I cannot say exactly.

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So I have to report a happy end to this. I received my replacement unit today and it works.
Pimax really handled this well.


Awesome customer service!! One of the reasons I chose to support Pimax and will continue to regardless of the badgering I often get from internet jabronies when I promote Pimax products.


Kudos Pimax! :clap:

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