Headset comfort: Eye tracking features for Pitool and design adjustments for the 5K+ mk2/8KX?

There was a report of a new revised 5k+ Mk2 in R&D stage earlier this month.

These eye tracking software features should help reduce comfort related issues such as users being unable to get clarity in both eyes at one time, eliminate edge distortion by moving the sweet spot render to where the eyes look, and reducing system requirements to run pimax headsets.

  • Auto IPD adjustment for each eye
  • Dynamic foveated rendering
  • Dynamic distortion correction

Some users experienced comfort issues with distortion and clarity due to the hmd placement on their head, so I believe pimax headsets could make use of an eye relief dial like the valve index headset has in future headset models if its not too hard to implement into the current pimax design.

New more comfortable face foams do go a long way, but user reviews made it clear different users need different thicknesses face foams for their face shape, this could be minimised with an eye relief dial.

These are the features/design adjustments I think are most needed to improve the comfortability of future Pimax headsets, like in the 8kx or the 5k+ revised mk 2.

  • Eye relief dial
  • New lenses (without distracting fresnel rings)
  • Eye tracking with the above software features
  • Better comfort face foam and DAS included
  • LH 2.0 basestations (not inside out tracking, inside out tracking was the main comfort criticisms of WMR, Rift S and HP Reverb because losing tracking during gameplay causes motion sickness)

Any word from Pimax on whether they will attempt to implement the above suggestions into future HMD models or in time for the bundles which will release when accessories are finished? I’d rather see the above suggestions implemented if Brainwarp 2.0 is not possible.

Comfort is so important, and Valve index has comfort down really well. The above suggestions would go a long way to improve comfort and reduce eye strain and headaches allowing longer use of the headsets. @anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA


Well, considering in Linus review of the Index he stated his wife could use the headset for up to 30 compared to no more than 5-10 mins in other headsets, it’s clear the Index is the comfort king.

I’d think that would be because of the increased refresh rate of 120hz on Index,
but in his review at 17:53 he said the index was locked at 90hz during his testing of it, and at 16:00 he says it might be because of the low persistence display and better pixel response times.

Although 120hz 4k per eye likely isnt possible in this generation, it is still something to aim for.
I thought I’d just add that pixel fill factor (pixel fill factor is seperate to full RGB displays but also helps reduce the SDE) and low persistence displays play an important factor in the Index’s comfort.

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I don’t think aspherical lenses are feasible in the 5k+. The 8k X perhaps. They’re heavier than fresnel so it might not be a good idea. Foveated rendering is planned btw. So is auto IPD to some extent. I don’t know about distortion correction. A lot of the distortion might end up being fixed by the auto IPD thing though.

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Aspherical lenses should now be a lot cheaper to make with this new lens formula which was published in a journal recently according to this article.

A new lens design could be a pancake lens if a lightweight wide aspheric lens can’t be made out of pyrex or some plastic compound.

I agree headset comfort is going to be the most important factor for the 8KX success, given the fact some reviews are commonly saying report people being unable to use Pimax other headsets for more than 15 minutes due to headaches caused by eye strain and distortion.
Maybe that eye strain has to do with canted displays but it could be distortion or performance related. Dynamic foveated rendering will be a must for the 8KX I think.

Dynamic distortion correction like Starvr does or xtal with eye tracking information will go a long way to improve comfort I think as well. +1 for the idea of an eye relief dial. We find out more in 2 weeks. The 8KX prototype supposedly had better colors compared to the 5k+ so muted colors should be less of an issue.