Headphone Speaker Replacement for Pimax

This has probably been posted before.

I thought about buying a HTC Vive MAS and just using the headphones. That would be illogical as I might as well just use the whole strap.

What headphone speakers can be bought to replace the underperforming Pimax MAS standard speakers with 3d printed adapters?

Pimax owners, post some links to headphone models that would be modified to work.

I came across these:




I think this 3d printed adapter might be of interest if you are going with these:

Wouldn’t mind adding these headphones but they are unavailable on amazon.

@StokeHead Are they available somewhere else?

I ended up ordering these headphones:

I thought about going the HTC DAS route but I’ll stick with the MAS and see how it holds up. Now I’ll have to get the adapters printed.

Now Pimax is selling these separately, Might have to get some.


I’m wondering, Do they swivel and slide up and down?

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The earphone can be swivel and slide up and down.



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Before I buy a set, Will I have to pay taxes when it reaches my country, Australia?


Nope, as the price stated is tax inclusive.

I bought the KDMAS Speakers.

Received the speakers yesterday and I uninstalled the custom set and installed the Pimax ones.

Should I use the clip on “muffs” ?

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I would recommend trying it without and with. To see which you prefer.

The KDMAS your likely to find it works best with them as this is not the DMAS.

I tried them without and in my xp wasn’t bad. Though I myself am using it with.

The Drivers in the KDMAS are not the bmr drivers that will be in the DMAS whenever it releases.

So these KDMAS speaker drivers are not the same as the DMAS? @PimaxQuorra

The KDMAS is more intended as on ear Audio. The DMAS is still in testing and Development. Atm there are 10 pimax owners testing the DMAS audio. Hopefully we have an update on progress.

The KDMAS is compatible with all pimax hmds. While the SMAS and upcoming DMAS require a stronger Audio amp in the headset; compatible with: 8k+, 8kX, 5kSuper and I believe revised Artisan that uses USB Power.


@Heliosurge Artisan is confirmed

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The DMAS speaker driver is different with the KDMAS.

I tried the KDMAS Speakers without and with the “muffs”. With them on there’s about a 40% increase in audio volume. I had the volume set at 100 without them and now I have it at 67 with them on.

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KDMAS headphones are still going well. Be interesting to see how the DMAS models perform against these when they eventually release. I have these headphones and 3d printed adapters for comfort strap if someone makes a reasonable offer.

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These are still very sketchy. I backed them and honestly am not expecting them to be great.

My advice? Avoid them until they actually deliver & there are reviews.

A Vive pro replacement speakers:
HTC VIVE PRO VR Headphone Right Left Virtual Reality Genuine Spare Part Audio Replacement
HTC Vive pro replacement speakers

The connecting interface looks like Pimax DMAS, maybe it would be possible to use them on our HMDs?
A proper click-click on-off ear design, it would be better if Pimax just sell those, as good user experience is more important than questional “best sound quality” of DMAS.

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