Having issues with 5K+ / SteamVR / iRacing

Anyone else had trouble with the resolution of headset changing all the time? I’ve had my 5k+ for years (KS backer) and about a week ago it wigged out and changed the resolution on me.

Every time I start up steamvr/iRacing it shows some wacky resolution. Pretty sure 2560x2104 is the resolution I’ve been running it at forever and now it sets itself to 5560x2632 or even today 3412x2104… And every time it thinks the resolution is 100% (always set to custom resolution). Render Quality at 1.0

Everything appears to be fine in SteamVR Home or Pimax Home etc

I can’t seem to get it back to 2560x2104 - have tried both parallel projections on and off.

I’m running a 9600K and 3070.

Would appreciate people’s help - I can’t do anything with it until I sort it out!

Edit: even formatted my PC last night and did a fresh install of pitool/steamvr and it loaded up at the correct resolution the first time, then has changed to 55xx and 34xx resolutions since.

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