Have you continued tweaking the M1?

Hi Pimax,

Has work continued on tweaking the 8k/5k, or are you guys relaxing? I guess what I’m asking is, what have you guys been up to since the prototypes were sent to the testers?

And what about integrating PiPlay into Steam VR so that we don’t need two programs open? Has anyone tried contacting Valve to see if this can happen?

And I think you guys should start working on advertising now. Work up the fervor. Put HTC Vive and their ripoff PRO to shame, will you?

Given that they’ll be getting feedback from the testers, probably in addition to the final questionnaire, I’d guess that they’re tweaking away like crazy to address any (hopefully) minor issues that might have arisen during the testing.


Well @Heliosurge indicated a 3 month process from now on. He generally is an optimistic guy so I wouldn’t be surprised if it would take longer. But obviously Pimax is working with the testers to improve the HMD. Knowing Pimax, things always go (much) slower than you’d hope and the current situation is usually worse than they depict, so I wouldn’t count too much on 3 months personally.

I personally still think it will release in 2019. But none of us know, not even Pimax themselves I think.

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Well that was only a vague guess. But yeah could be sooner or later.

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Considering testing is still going on & not all testers have been revealed. Your being too impatient. Have a :cookie: & :raised_hand:. I have confidence it will likely be b4 the end of Sumner.


I mean 6 months past expected release and saying someones impatient is condescending.


They said shipping on June. I keep faith XD

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@allocen - You are definately being way too impatient and abusive. Can it with the demands and language already. Were I Pimax I would loose your pledge untill retail units were ON THE SHELVES for all the aggrivation you bring.

@Zonegaming - The extra time and testing was added agreed to by the community after the issues that arose at CES, so truth be told they are not past deadline - right now they are having independent non-employees help make sure that the product being released is one that we ALL can get behind - not just some engineer on the payroll.

@Heliosurge - That=nks for all the hard work trying to wrangle the children here that keep screaming. If I were a religious sort I would have nominated you for Sainthood months ago.

Just my 2 cents


Is it? If this Kickstarter releases before a year is up then it’s ahead of most.


Next update, I want to know about these.

  1. End date of testing.
  2. Do pimax will combine the stick and trackpad like knuckle of not.

"@Zonegaming - The extra time and testing was added agreed to by the community after the issues that arose at CES, so truth be told they are not past deadline - "

The “community” is 4000+ backers and collectively they didn’t agree to anything after CES. None of us had any choice in any case since those issues had to be corrected, adding more delays. The vocal/online backers here in this forum and Facebook etc are a miniscule representation of the total number of backers.


Sweviver said a billion times that the testers are communicating with pimax everyday and pimax is solving issues EVERYDAY too. Progress is being made. They’ve said this countless times already.

Am i the only one getting reeeal sick of these posts and comments of impatient people repeating the same thing like “when’s testing over” or "when is pimax shipping, taking too long :rage: " over and over and over again…? where will this bitching bring you…? nowhere.

It’s annoying when i come and check for news and i keep seeing the same posts again and again… If you don’t got nothing useful/helpful to say, just don’t say anything for the love of god…

EDIT: just went to reddit.com/r/pimax for the first time since two weeks maybe, and jeeeeez i thought the forum was bad…you know what? after seeing the posts on there i’m grateful for this forum and the people in it lmao


Well this is on Pimax and their hopeless communication efforts.

And their projected schedule of januari 2018 to get more and more people backing. Now all these delays are obviously getting a bunch of backers vocal.

I say sell that pledge, you won’t have difficulty finding a buyer.


Personally I read majority of posts here, never bother with reddit, seems to be full of Oculus and Vive fan boys fishing for a bite and try to tell how bad everything is. I prefer to get updates from official sources and not hearsay from random.

I only post here when I have something to say, or if someone is looking for help, but yes I agree there are lots of negative or demanding posts, i pretty much skip them as it adds nothing to the forum other than prompting others to leap to Pimax defence… And then we have another one of those threads.



your’s is a repeated post too btw, just from the “other camp” :slight_smile:

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oh btw eno can you “bump” the testers list thread…? you bumped it yesterday and there was one spanish youtuber added. Today i checked again and TWO more were added (for a total of 7), i discovered this by accident. Can you bump it again to let others know…?

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I think although we don’t have the final date of testing, but should have a schedule of the testing plan.
May be 1-2 months, but can expand the timeline.

Timeline is important for every project, that is the basic of development. If no timeline and I am tester, I can test on anytime when I am not busy, may be 2-3 times a week.

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Sure… I just got up and on train on way to work. They were added while I was sleeping… Just done it :wink:


Ah, ahead of most. Okay sure you want to compare to failed kickstarter company’s go right ahead.

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Oculus and Vive “fan boys” can just as readily join this “official” forum and sully it with their negativity. Members here are not asked to present their credentials at the door…