Have backers been downgraded to Sword controllers, non sense

So the kickstarter email says predicted shipping for controllers and base stations for backers is March 2020.
We were previously told the predicted shipping for Sword (‘nonsense’) controllers is March 2020.
We were previously told the predicted shipping for Sense controllers is June 2020.
We were sold Sense controllers way back when.
We were more recently reassured that we would get Sense controllers.
So how are backer controllers and base stations predicted as shipping March? Have we been shafted into downgrade to the nonsense Swords?
I’m not interested in Vive wands which is all they are. If I was I would’ve bought them 2 years ago.
And I take it you’re not sending base stations to us who bought controllers when you have them but delaying them on us.


I think the key of that is “earliest ship date”. They will likely give backers a chance to switch to Sword when they are finished.

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That doesn’t sound very good. I’d like to have the basestations asap, not next year this time when the Sense controllers starts shipping. (my questimation, not based on any facts) :worried:


If they meant that, it should be stated as June still with an additional comment of ‘unless you cancel the product you bought and change it to a different one because then it could be March’.
Which holds true for pretty much any awaited item from any store. I can ship you a 7080Ti likely late 2020 (provided you cancel it and opt for a 3080 instead).


That is indeed a very good question…

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Yeah that statement raises some questions indeed.

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Maybe yet another surprise delay.:flushed::date::soon: