Have ANY headsets been delivered yet?

Referring to batch # 2, which arrived in the US (and UK) two weeks ago.

@Pimax @deletedpimaxrep1 @anon74848233 - It is VERY inconvenient not knowing the status of our order, especially considering we need to be home to sign for the package. Please give us a REAL update.



I second this request.


@anon74848233 this is a very valid concern. As if shipping batch #2 is not resolved in delivery iy brings into question how can batches 3 & maybe 4 being processed?

What is the issues on batch 2? presumably the :us: & :uk:\:eu:? Both seem to be in limbo.


What backer numbers are included in batch 2 (and 3)?

Batch 2 is < Backer# 248 for 5K, ~300 for 8K. Batch 3 TBD.

Thanks 2020202020202020

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I suspect that the HMDs are still sitting in Customs. And, because they used a new shipper it is taking longer because each Customs has to run through their first setup procedures. We should see them transition through and be available for internal shipping this week or next week.

BTW… shipping during Thanksgiving in the US was not a good idea. They should have waited till afterwards.

But what do I know, I only worked for a Logistics company that shipped in and out of the US… So obviously I don’t know anything.


Maybe for the US ones but the UK ones have been confirmed to have cleared customs and have been sitting in the UK for 2 weeks now. The fact that Pimax keep avoiding answering anyone about this is very concerning.


That isn’t what we heard, one of the posters had a friend in China contact SF Express who confirmed the shipment went through customs and was delivered. Our tracking numbers also ahowed they cleared customs in NewYork.

The only people who can help shed some clairty on this situation is Pimax.

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I could see them holding up the UK ones so that they can do a coordinated release in both the UK and US.

The only other thing that I can think of is that a defect made it into the batch and they only caught it after the batch shipped.
So they are rechecking each one and fixing any at the warehouses. Which could mean they are waiting on parts to show up to the warehouses.
Or they shipped them back to China to be fixed.

Either which way there are a lot of what ifs. Everyone just needs to settle down and be patient.
They will either tell us what is going on or they won’t. Getting your panties in a bunch won’t change when your HMD gets to you.


Oh… so you just believe someone who says they have a “friend” in China without any sort of proof?

Others have said that SF Express has delivered a package before it actually shows up too.

I think the problem here is most likely SF Express and not Pimax.


Now that you touch the point… What about shipping batch #3 ??? 2 weeks and nothing ??
@anon74848233 @Heliosurge

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I rode the ride, I heard the children sing. I believe. Its a small world after all.

If the problem was SF express why would Pimax not just come out and say so? Something else is going on here and as you already said it is quite possible the headsets have been shipped back to China to fix something. They might also have been stolen for all we know. Either way Pimax needs to come out and say something.

I also said getting your panties in a bunch won’t change when your HMD gets to you.

Patience, this is literally the worst time of the year to be shipping anything anywhere.


If you ever had to deal with the Post often its a run around.

I had a purchase where I only received the final delivery notification 2 days after Canada Post sent the item back. Never received the other delivery attempts. But yeah Pimax is the only one that can get details as I believe these were shipped to a warehouse & not direct to backer like the first batch was.

Never did get Gearbest to resolve the issue.

I don’t get why you are urging patience to people who have been patient (somewhat) for the past 11 months of delays. We want to know what the status of the shipment is for lots of reasons, not just because we want our new toy asap, but more importantly, when to expect the package so we can arrange to be home to receive it - heck I just had an ssd from Amazon stolen out of my mailbox last week…There is no reason Pimax can’t provide a 2 sentence update to ease our concerns. By not doing so, they are making matters worse because they have a track record of silence and misinformation when things aren’t great.


Pimax is the only one that can shed light on the shipping status. As @kopa said with changing shipping methodes may have caused a bit if a mess getting things setup.

A long time ago I worked for a company called Synnex that rented out space to a variety of companies to have orders picked & shipped to companies like Tigerdirect. It’s quite possible that pimax is getting a run around if there using something like that.

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Indeed the alonon(sp?) Pray. No good to make one crazy over something outside of ones control.

Sisense backers & pre orders were patient for 4 years at $5000 ea.

So yes patience is a reccommendation as winding yourself up needlessly will only harm your health.

What we do know atm is that folks are going to receive items. Not like the Spatial 3d headphones all set to go 100 units made & no backer received anything company folded stating needed min another 2mil. Or Hardlight Vest disolving.