Has you Pimax Account been deleted too?

I read the other day someone posting here mention their Pimax.Com account had been deleted.

Out of interest, I checked if this has happened to me also, and noticed mine had too as I cannot log in anymore. I know I signed up as I remember doing so during the Kickstarter campaign to receive news/updates as back then, I didn’t know what Pimax was, and had just heard about them on Kickstarter.

Any idea why this might be and will it affect us sending our ‘loaner’ headsets back please?

Thank you.

IIRC correctly a while back someone hacked into the server. Pimax claimed that no user data was stolen but the database was messed up and a lot of information/accounts were lost.

Don’t quote me on the specifics, just recalling from memory.

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Thank you for your reply. Well that makes sense then. Hopefully we can just create new accounts.