Has Anyone Tried Using Vorpx With Their Pimax 8k/5k?

I’m thinking of looking for my old Vorpx account today to try some of my old favorite flatscreen games with the Pimax 8k. I like long story driven games and it would be nice to play them in VR if possible. I have had some good and bad experiences using vorpx in the past for example on my Vive, or was it on the Rift can’t seem to remember it seems that long ago now, with Resident evil 7 and it wasn’t to bad back then well over a year ago, played through nearly the entire game.

I did some research on the subject of Vorpx just this morning and found that there has been continued improvement and more games added to the list almost 350. Getting a bit bored with SkyrimVR right now using almost 200 mods with my Pimax 8k and would like a little change for variety.

Please share your experience with Vorpx in the comments especially if its been with a Pimax hmd, curious to know.

How do games scale with the Pimax 8k/5k using VorpX?

Can it work at all with the Pimax 8k/5k?

I guess if no one has any experience yet since many are just now receiving there headsets I may have something to add later today or tomorrow once I get it installed and working.


Bump - I started a thread on this a few months ago before anyone had a headset and I think the feeling was it wouldn’t work but some one must have tried it by now.

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SweViver made a video for Fallout76


Hi @Fresco , I use Vorpx right now with assassin’s creed odyssey, Bioshock series and works right out the box, I still recommended it, really good choice for AAA games that for the moment does not have VR support. You might have to play around with custom resolutions for Pimax 8K anyway it works with standard resolutions eg: 16:9 (2560x1440 , 3840x2160). Bioshock looks fantastic at 4K resolution in VR mode. :sunglasses:


Thanks for this @grzvs, good to know. Bioshock was one of my favorites. Was that the original Bioshock by any chance? Do you still use the snap in and out edge peak sort of thing to look at in-game menu’s? How is the performance and resolution? I guess I could try it myself just hesitant to ask Ralf for another key as I have done so many times in the past whenever I reinstalled Windows. Bioshock may be one of the games I try and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series there was always that big hand thing and the Skybox well it looked like a box in the Sky kind of off. Really kind of excited by this news you have provided to be honest. Is the scaling alright. I love it when VR games get that right. What I mean do things appear as in real life dimension wise. Sorry for all the questions.

I’ll be watching that right now! Thanks for providing @mojojojo. I hope he explains a little about getting it set-up using the Pimax.

Have been playing star citizen with Vorpx since mine came in December. Works well enough - tough on frames so 5k+ better choice than 8k. Have just downloaded Brainwarp Beta so will be keen to see if it improves performance.


Wow! Another great and informative video by @SweViver .It really didn’t get that great until around 16.36 when he very thoroughly explains exactly how to get VorpX up and running on the Pimax, just skip to there unless your interested in Fallout 76. Since my earlier experience using vorpx on my other hmds I really only personally enjoyed games in geo3D mode so I’ll pass on the Z-Adaptive. So many games and so little time. :cry:


I am glad that it was helpful. @Sweviver is very verbose most of the time, maybe not the best idea for a content creator but there’s also a lot of information there.

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Hi. Have you managed to make a profile in vorpx that works for Resident Evil 2 re-vived Nightmares ?

I have an 8k and vorpx.


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Hi Marco, I do not have Resident Evil 2, I had made profiles for others games, I thought will try Resident Evil 7. Maybe ? :thinking:

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Thanks for the reply!

I did not play re7 on pc via vorpx but it seems that the new vorpx update have made some games adapted to vr even more cool when they can get Z3D/GD3.

I played re7 on psvr.

See the attached images. I just run resident evil 2 remake on the pimax :slight_smile: though it is not in 3d effect but it has got head tracking. It is just the auto setting in vorpx to run any games in the headset. I hope someone soon can come up with a profile for the game that supports Z3D/GD3 .

I have no idea how to make one otherwise I would try myself and share the results.

What I want to try is if I can find a way to walk in these vorpx games using nalo with vive trackers or the katvr (though Katvr compatibility with games really sucks, so I doubt it would work)

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Would you be able to guide me through how to create vorpx settings for games that maybe would try to get the game support the 3d/vr effects ?

Hi Marco, it is easy (well this is how I do), first you have to know the game engine ( http://rjkole.com/gamestuff/engines?rq=v1 ), then use a existing game profile with similar game engine and save as (your game and point your exe). Then config your new profile once inside the game. Hope your understand (english not my native tongue :sweat_smile:) :sunglasses:


Last time I tried it was terrible using g3d, z3d is ok but that looks so fake 3d it’s not worth it,i can’t wait to try again with the new brainwarp and lower hz to see if it’s better now.

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Which games you tried that you are not happy with the results?

I personally I accept the fact that vorpx would never be as a native VR and in some cases get as close to possible to vr, and appreciate the fact that I can play the game in vr and not on my pc.

Were u having problems with pc performance that made the experience even worse?

With my i9 and 32gb ram gskill 4100mhz and a msi trio 2080 ti, re2 remake seemed fluid in vorpx

Thank you so so much!

Do you know what game engine uses re2 remake ? I do not think I see it in the list

You should be able to use the re7 profile for the game engine.:wink:


Someone on the vorpx forum said that it does not work :frowning:

I will try tonight anyway myself

Thank you !

Try re1 re-make engine… if theres such option.