Has any one run Pimax 5k+ by gtx 970?

I want to know that can pimax 5k+ run on gtx 970

thank you.

I dont think so…even if could run, would be suck


I did some tests with my 8k on an 970 back when i got it.
If I remember right the biggest issue was not performance as such but the need to manage vram use. You hit the vram ceiling so easily and that really tanks the framerate down to a slideshow.
If you turn the settings down enough to consistently stay within vram limitations then the load would also be light enough that running on the 970 was not an absolutely horrible experience but it’s actually pretty difficult to balance it and i’d not recommend it. (note this was before smart smoothing, fps settings and pitool / firmware optimization, things may be a little different now but i wouldn’t bet on it.)

tldr; don’t get an 5k+ with the intention of running it on a 970, it’s not a good experience.


When I first got the 5k+ I tried with a 2011 PC and a 980 Ti to replace a WMR Lenovo. I only had Elite for VR, and it was no good at all.

Resolution had to be the same / lower, but the wide FOV meant that quality was effectively worse and could only manage ~30FPS even with PT 1.0 / SVR Auto / In game settings Low.

Impossible on the text to tell 0 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 9 apart. At that point the wide FOV is not a good enough justification, and better off with a 1st gen headset with a low res and FOV. It will give better performance with slightly better visuals.

I suppose a non PP game will have been better, but that says to me that a 970 is not going to work in almost every situation, even with really undemanding apps

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I wouldn’t try it. It was barely sufficient for my Rift…


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