Happy with 5K+ | Was eager for 8KX | Planning to wait

Hello all

I wanted to make this thread so that any news about possible new lenses, or a new optical solution for the 8KX can be posted here. From what I have gleaned through months of research is that many people complain it has a small sweet spot, as well as difficulty in maintaining it. I have been personally told this probably has to do with how the panels and lenses were engineered and that I should not expect to have the same experience as I currently have with the 5k+.

I should note I am 100% happy with my 5k+. I have modded it to fit perfectly, with great comfort. Sweet spot is huge. Color great. Resolution good enough. I primarily use it for IL2.

Anyway, I was eager to make the upgrade to the 8KX with hopes for a bit more resolution. I am hoping some engineering solution will happen that fixes its issues, even in the form a new model.

If anyone knows anything related to this and what we might expect, I would love to hear about it.

Again, this is not a critique of Pimax. I am very happy with my current headset.