Hands on BE (2k) vs new 4k

Just figured i would share my experience with the 2k model and the 4k model as i currently own both. After ordering the pimax originally, i was disappointed to find out that i had received the 102 serial number with the oled screen. I decided to keep it and it worked well for me. Last week I pulled the trigger on the new pimax 4k with the white label from gearbest. I ordered it from the Chinese warehouse, and it was shipped to me in NY state very quickly.
Upon opening the box i immediately noticed some differences. The face foam had been redesigned and covered the noise area. It was almost more of a dense closed cell foam, and feels very nice to the touch. Its also a little bit thinner than the original foam, and has slots on either side for those who wear glasses.
The plastic of the model also feels different, a slightly matted feel, its nice. The head straps are a little different as well. Nothing really better one way or the other.
Ok, on to performance. Here is where I start to get disappointing actually. The very first thing I notice with the new 4k lcd screen vs the 2k oled screen was ghosting, and second was the brightness of the screen, or lack there of. There is less of a screen door effect, but you can still see something, its a little hard to explain, and kinda comes and goes, I was expecting the image to be much more clear than the 2k model, but this really isnt the case. The dimmer screen, and ghosting seem to add a level of blurriness to the image at times. I have only used this model for a few hours so far, and i am sure i can improve it somewhat, but I am already pretty familiar with pimax, so i dont know how much there will be. Anyway, thought this might be helpful for anyone with the 2k model, wishing they had the 4k. In alot of ways the 2k is better because of the brighter screen, and zero ghosting.

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The BE is actually 2.5k (2560*1440)…

Psvr/oculus & vive are 2k.

The 4k is duller due to the use of shuddet glass. The BE uses Oled.

Ghosting is normal due to lcd but was much better in 1.1.92 Piplay which used Steam’s Render. One of the improvements were waiting for the Team on.

The latest Piplay visual quality is said by fellow users on par or better than Steams. However Ghosting needs attention.