Hand tracking working but I could not press any Button

I tried the 0.32 Beta with my LeapMotion controller and I could see my hands in PE.
However I was not able to interact with any UI element.


Thanks Alex. So you did see the pointers but pinch or touch didn’t work?

But hand interaction worked in 0.30, right?

It looks like the File Browser (which isnt used but already is in background since 0.31) have an input event handler built in, that i didn’t notice, and it seems to block the UI interaction similar to the problem we had in the past with laser pointer.

Gotta do some modifications…

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Or wait, maybe you didnt enable Hand-Tracking interaction? :slight_smile: Sorry for asking. Dumb question… but did you enable Hand-tracking? (in the right bar, “UI Interaction”, right under UI Scale)


Not a stupid question at all. I don’t remember enabling UI Interaction. Will test again.