[Hand Tracking] see my 3D gloved hand on sim in VR, Will it be possible?

I’m use my Pimax 50% for sim-racing, 50% is for native VR games.

The one of big immersion breaker in VR sim racing is the virtual hand is not matched with my actual hand. that is big issue IMO. If the issue is solve the immersion level would be incredible.

If Hand tracking could make 3D virtual hand in VR as what I want to see,
and then overlay on gaming graphic, it will be wonderful. If closer virtual objects could cover my tracking virtual hand. It would be perfect. But I’m not expect such perfect level. I just wish just overlay it. If it can just do that it will be wonderful.

Do you think will it be possible? I want to have virtual ‘Sparco’ Glove in my Sim racing game. Then I will definitely buy the device!!! It would be fantastic.


If hand tracking doesn’t solve it, then another way would be integration of VR controllers - DCS already supports it I think. You can track hands and flip all cockpit switches etc.

Or, VTOL is a full VR sim, so the HOTAS is itself virtualised and you use controllers with it. Haven’t tried myself yet but seems well received https://store.steampowered.com/app/667970/VTOL_VR/

Then the next step is converting controllers to feel like a HOTAS. OK, this won’t feel like a steering wheel, but shows the possibilities for bringing these elements together https://www.protubevr.com/en/accueil/127-protasvr-solo-pre-order.html

Or what about incorporating the Index controllers’ touch response systems with either proper HOTAS or steering wheel…

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I’m also hoping to see this in future sims. I’d imagine this takes a lot of resources that would be better utilized running the game/sim though, so it isn’t a high priority. I have come across Reality Blender, which is a 2D video overlay with chroma key, so you could ‘green screen’ everything but the controls(wheel/HOTAS). Another option(if it existed) would be a Leap Motion hand tracking overlay.

You could possibly use “soft potentiometers” for this.


well. that would work well for flight simulator, but In Sim-racing simulator, Force Feedback is top important. I think the most important thing after visual. just overlaying on game graphic would work great.


I would buy eyetracking if Iracing would implement something like this.

Imho, it isn’t very hard to do. You have only some conflicts to care about : by example, if you only have paddles, and the car use a h shifter, what happens ?
The second problem is : what if the car have a start button that you can’t reach in reality because you have some objects preventing you to do so ?

you mean hand tracking, right?

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yeah, i have missread a little, anyway, i would buy any attachment improving vr sim immersion

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I’m an artist, not a programmer. So I’m not sure It would be easy. To reply your comment, I will satisfy if hand is show up just in my view for now. I don’t expect the perfect level of implementation like you tell me. when I use H pattern, if the hand is gone from my sight, It will give me much higher immersion than virtual hand not move at all.

Second problem you tell me is just matter of setup, I don’t need it to be perfect when it starts. maybe I will set my sim rig exact position as virtual image ‘after’ such thing(hand tracking) is possible. Of course, I cannot cover all type of cars but I can do for my favorite car, that is enough for a period of time. (before VR exo-skeleton rig out)

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I’m also a huge iRacing fan. I want iRacing support 3D reflection of mirrors and glass material. And also 3D model head tracking. For mirrors, assetto corsa shader mod works great.


As a programmer, I think this would require the game itself to support the feature.

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It could be a tool like fpsVR, an overlay that shows your hands/gloves in VR.
If someone develops it, could make some cash selling it on Steam.

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