Hand Tracking Module - developments

I have always been a fan of the leap motion hand tracking on VR HMDs. Unfortunately there was besides demo content no use in VR experiences.

Now that hand tracking got announced for Oculus Quest starting early 2020 there is a very good chance we will see plenty of support on various apps. The hand tracking module could become the no.1 accessory to go for.

What is your thought, where do you miss hand tracking support the most today?

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I would love to see handtracking used for button clicking in cockpits.
You could point with your index finger & tap thumb & middle finger together for the click.
Even hold thumb & middle finger together for holding in a button like on a normal controller.
That would be amazing in flight & space sims

Just give me a universal, OS-wide, (coded low level, so that no big clunky game engine is needed to prop it up) virtual keyboard, that you can pop up anywhere, and which works in any application, just as if you had plugged in a hardware keyboard in a USB port, and I’ll consider my hand tracking module purchase money well spent.


AltspaceVR, NeosVR, FlyInside Addons and Flight Simulator support Leap Motion. Hope that in the future we get beyond vendor specific support via the OpenXR standard, so developers don’t need to integrate a different SDK each device.

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are you solely referring to Fly-Inside like plugins or is there native support by the sim developers each?
(just realized Fly Inside is a flight simulator on it’s own but not the Microsoft one…)

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Yup. Was about to answer but you found it yourself :slight_smile: FlyInside Flight Simulator on Steam

Speaking of hand-tracking:

As long as Oculus is having toothing problems developers can verify their ideas via Pimax hand tracking. I really hope this is taking off now, numbers of supporting HMDs are to big to ignor…

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If this worked in DCS I would buy it without question. Hand tracking is the only way you could sensibly work with a HOTAS but still flick the switches.
The field of view they have implemented should help a lot, any videos I’ve seen of fly inside the guys hands keep disappearing it looks annoying.