Hand Tracking faq's

What is hand tracking, hardware, firmware, or software? is it some type of sleeve that fits over the controller? It will be an option when it comes out of R&D. I did order the 8K+ kit on June 12. Just looking for more information. I plan on ordering it when it becomes able. Not sure have to order new controllers or not. I saw a short video of what it can do now I want one but do not know what it is.

Pimax Hand Tracking is a clip on module that fits onto the bottom of the Pimax headset and is powered by the headset built-in USB port.

It’s still in development and is produced by Ultraleap who took over from Leapmotion, this is why there was a delay in developing the product.

Here is the older design being tested by a Youtuber.

And a brief press release:

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