Hand tracker module for 8KX

Hi- after purchasing the pimax vision 8KX after experiencing it at CES last week I realize there is also the hand tracking module for sale which I didn’t see a demo of at CES https://store.pimaxvr.com/shop/product/xpp2-208-0007-hand-tracking-module-315

Can anyone tell me what if any games and applications this will be effectively used in yet? Would it be able to integrate with DCS World or Aerofly FS 2 for example for being able to use your hands for manipulating switches and knobs etc in the cockpit or are there no known proven uses for it yet, as if not I can’t see a reason to get one yet… Also I already have the leap motion controller as in this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HVYBWQO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_eTGiEbT6VVKER which can be mounted on the front of any hmd and so won’t this work just as well or apart from being designed to be physically integrated into the 8KX seamlessly will the hand tracking module for the 8KX have any other advantages over the leap motion controller I already have?

Thank you

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The Hand Tracking Module was using Leap V2.0 now not sure what changes are happening since Leap was acquired by Ultrahaptics? Becoming UltraLeap.

But any games Supporting og Leap should have support for the Hand tracking module.

V2.0 leap had numerous improvements over v1.0 like greater fov of the sensors.

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Thank you… Other than the flyinside flight simulator, do you know if any other full games and applications that can fully utilize leap motion then? (There was a flyinside add on for xplane that worked for a while but xplane/laminar unfortunately put a stop to that)

Tbh not sure. But recall you could use og leap could be used to simulate vive wands. I would imagine games maybe like beatsaber could work.

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