Half life Alyx, Medal of honor and Onward crashes on 8kx :( unplayable *Video*

Hi, i tried to play onward and half life alyx or medal of honor on a 8kx, but it is crashing alot :frowning: can someone test it too? Is it just me or a problem from the pimax or a problem from the game?

tried very low SS in steamvr too, like 20% still crashing

Video: onward crashing with pimax 8kx - YouTube

Using Pitool render 1.0, small fov, no ffr

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I’ve played Alyx and Medal of Honor on my 8kx with no issues so it must be something in your system


Hi, which GPU do u use? and intel or amd cpu?

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Yes this will help others compare and give advice if you post your system specs and pitool version.

Are you overclocking either your ram or gpu?

How about more detail on the crashes such as any error dialogs that may appear? Is your windows crashing in normal desktop apps too? I haven’t seen alyx crash once so saying you are crashing from inside alyx is quite the red flag.

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Maybe i found the problem…

after deactivating this:

Onward runs without crash … have to try more tomorrow

but it seems, that i got now a new problem maybe… sometimes the whole world r moving

here u can see it:

and for the record:

3700x on a MSI X570 Gaming plus with 32GB 3000mhz Corsair RAM and a asus tuf oc 3080… no overclocking, pitool, newest gpu driver, all windows updates installed on WIN 10 Pro 64Bit


Hi mckay1717,

Have your problem:unplayable"Video"been solved?
If not , you can make a ticket for help in helpdesk.


Hi, the crashing problem is solved.

But the rotating / moving world / black screen problem is still not solved :frowning:

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Hi mackay1717,

I’m glad to hear that your problem:crashing has been solved.
Problem:rotating / moving world / black screen ,you can make a ticket for help in helpdesk.


Any reflective surfaces you need to cover up? Take out the blankets to test

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Have you tried to go in your BIOS and set the PCIE to GEN3?

There’s a common problem with AMD CPUs and RTX 3xxx GPUs affecting USB. Setting PCIE to GEN3 often helps.

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