Half life alyx issue with the pimax sword - need help please


has anyone managed to get this menu with the pimax sword in half life alyx ?? thank you.

Please press the top of the tachpad

top of the touchpad? ok I understand better. the up and left button of my right hand sword no longer works, I thought I could play half life despite this problem but apparently not. thank you for your reply

I am waiting for the response from pimax concerning the sword warranty for an exchange

Wow, sad to hear that there are already quality issues but I guess it’s unavoidable. Hope they sort you out quickly. How are you finding them overall?

I’m not a fan of the trackpad, I prefer the stick.
On the other hand the button “grip” which allows to hold elements like the pistols in “robo recall” is quite boring because it is really necessary to press on it to engage the button and to constantly maintain a force with its finger to hold the button to press otherwise the pistol falls from our hand.
I hope they will solve this problem with updates or be able to configure the button so that you no longer need to keep pressing it as “activate / deactivate”.
And concerning the ring which surrounds the hand, you have to be careful because you can hit the helmet with or when you approach the 2 hands to each other, the rings can hit the controllers. the index valve system is better.

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Wait a minute…isn’t the grip analog?

I think what is likely happening. (This is what i’m afraid of) is that since the swords are emulating vive wands despite having an analig grip the game is only seeing it as digital.

Maybe in the steam bindings you can tweak the threshold for what is considered a press to something lighter.

I havent recieved my swords yet. (still) but I tried playing that RE2 mod with the vive wands and it was impossible to play. I sense alot of heartache using these controllers.

If only Pimax coukd have seen reason all these years when I told them they should just focus on one controller the joystick one.