Half - Life 2 VR (Garry's mod)

Has anyone tried Garry’s mod for Half Life 2?
It looks good, the controllers are working :beers:

Implementation is not easy at first glance…


I only tried it with the vive with index controllers and it works pretty good.

I also made a tread https://community.openmr.ai/t/play-half-life-2-and-1-with-motion-controllers-and-finger-tracking/24274/2


Yes, it looks very interesting.
I have been looking for something like this for a long time and only now I accidentally found out about such a mod.

Would love to try this with my Odyssey + :beer:

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Only problem I found is that you can’t use the crowbar when you swing it. You have to press the trigger to hit stuff and enemies. Also with half life 1 switsing to weapons is frustrating but I like playing it!


I will definitely try this soon.
HL Alyx is still far away, but now we have such a wonderful mod for HL 2 :yum: :+1:


HL2 in VR, I’m in :+1: Just bought, and will try it out later today.


Yes, very good. I hung there for a couple of hours approximately.
This is surprisingly good for the mod, but why Valve did not do it themselves is incomprehensible.
I liked it, only the weapon does not move when shooting, the fingers do not move on the hands.

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A “proper” VR mod has been in the work for ages, by the way, from the same people who made a much earlier one, back when the only positional controllers were the Razer Hydras. No idea when that gets finished, alas - I believe the team raised their ambitions quite a bit, over the older iteration, and people have only so much spare time… :7


If you want to use you fingers then you have to select it in the settings under turn vr on when map load.


Yes, I put tracking fingers on the menu there, but for some reason they disappeared.
I will then take a screenshot later.

That’s strange. I play Half life 1 with no problems with finger tracking. I could tray half life 2 later on the day and let you know if it works for me.


I just tried half life 2 and finger tracking works.

Yes, strange, it looks like this when I turn on finger tracking in the settings.

Honestly, I don’t really understand how I can have finger tracking with WMR controllers.

When I turn off tracking in the settings, the fingers appear, but they do not move, the weapon is also as if stationary, and it shoots unnoticed.

Haha lol you could only use finger tracking with the index controllers and oculus touch.

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Well then, it is clear :grin:

In general, it was precisely the immobility of my fingers and arms when firing that bothered me. That is, the weapon froze motionlessly in the hand, nothing moves, and the shot occurs.
Maybe it should be so.

I just find out that you can use mods. This looks so good! Get ready for Half Life Alyx with Half-Life 2 VR! - YouTube

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Yes, it looks good, I will definitely try, thanks :+1:

By the way

I tried on O +, it works great, real HLVR :+1:

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Currently you may download from Steam and play for free HL1 and HL2 (with episodes). It will work until official release of Alyx (around March 2020).
I only need Garry´s mod then :slight_smile:

Steam info:

[Half-Life] Link: steam:/run/70
[Half-Life 2] Link: steam:/run/220
[Half-Life 2: Episode One] Link: steam:/run/380
[Half-Life 2: Episode Two] Link: steam:/run/420
(copy paste link in browser with steam logged in)


update 7/2020
HL2 VR via Garry’s Mod

Edit: new youtube link, old link was not vr

For some time there is a way to play HL2 VR with Garry’s mod, but recently mods were updated, and it is now a little “easier” and better. (Screen size adjusting is not needed any more. After starting vrmod, you can do everything else from vr).

  • buy/install HL2 steam version
  • buy/install Garry’s mod
  • then disable SteamVR theater by right clicking gmod, then unticking the theater box
  • start Garry’s mod, options, click lower tab “console”, enable console, go back and set key for console. Close it.

  1. VRMod - Experimental Virtual Reality
    Workshop von Catse
    Steam Workshop::VRMod - Experimental Virtual Reality
    Take care to read the description, and to download additional files for VRMod to work!
    Read descriptions for keybindings on different vr controllers.

  2. Half-Life 2 VR
    Workshop von Timbleweebs
    Steam Workshop::Deadwater Half-Life 2 VR (old, probably broken)

You may or may not install dependencies (see right side in steam site):
(VRMod - Experimental Virtual Reality)
[ArcVR] Half-Life 2 Guns (Official!)
[ArcVR] Arctic’s VR Guns
[ArcVR] Second Wave: Lock ‘N’ Load
[ArcVR] Third Wave: Sniper Team

EDIT! [ArcVR]´s vr weapon mods do not work lately, apparently from the last “VRMod” update! I play without them, unfortunately.

  1. option:
    Catse’ VR Guns
    Workshop von Catse
    Steam Workshop::Catse' VR Guns
    That is 1x vr gun and 1x vr smg; you can aim and reload similar like IRL. Grab with left hand at hip level for new ammo, press on index “right thumb up + click” to remove empty magazine…

I play it with pp=on, normal fov, resolution ca. 4000x3500 (2080Ti)

  • start Garry´s mod, then on pc screen:
    click (on lower right) sandbox, then new game

  • choose map, first is d1_trainstation_01

  • when the map starts, press your key for the console. Write “vrmod” and press enter. Close console. You will see then new window (vr mod window), click start VR.

  • Put your HMD (Pimax) and game on!
    PS: VR stays black until booth controllers and HMD are visible.

Known issues:

-you can not save your progress. It is not big deal, as levels are small, and you can start any level almost as new game. It is not bad. If you pass level, next one will be loaded, and then next… If you die, map state stays, and you will spawn at beginning of map.

  • when in vehicle, on new level load, you must leave and re-enter vehicle.

  • Vehicles are not VR friendly, I can drive them, but you need hard vr legs and gaming brain for this. Options are driving slow, walking (if you are not in some acid waste canal), or just load next map.

  • to climb ladder, put your hand in direction of ladders, look there, and go forward

  • you can open doors with doorknob. It works good, but not perfect. You have to stay strait in front of door and look at the doorknob, move either of your hands to doorknob, and press grip. Sometimes I had to empty my right hand for it, sometimes not.

  • There is one level with crane; I couldn´t pass that, I think some crane controls are missing (forward, backward). I used spawn menu, and created my own bridge.

  • Order of the maps, first is “d1_trainstation_01”.
    (d1, d2, d3… are days 1, 2, 3)

Final note: For me that is 7/10 worth experience. The game is great also. I was dreaming about such a mod, and it should exist for every AAA flat screen game. I bought HL2 and GM just for that (after finishing HL3:Alyx), and I have no regrets. I have strong VR legs, but vehicles and some walking/jumping levels were challenging. I always play with smooth locomotion and incremental turning - it works great here.
Every HL fanboy/girl must have it.