Half Life 2 VR beta version

Hi All, Is anyone playing Half Life 2 (Beta) on Pimax?

Beta version is VR version for both Vive and Oculus.
I’ve followed all instructions but I can only get it to display on the pc monitor as left and right screen.

The only ting I can’t do (according to the instructions) is select Activate Vitrual Reality in the main game menu because it isn’t shown in the menu.

Any ideas??

I haven’t tried it. But sounds like you need extend mode.

Yeah probably right and of course Pimax have done away with it now. Sigh!

I couldn’t get it to work when I was using 1.2.40 even in extended. I have switched to 1.1.92.(for Dirt Rally), will see if I can get HL2 working.

This is a good article on how to get it going, but again it look like it needs extended mode.
I’m wondering if Pimax Video mode might work.
I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

Hi Luke, under Piplay 1.2.57, you could try to add this game through Piplay and then launch it in Piplay.

Actually we did not remove previous “extend mode”, just combined it with Pimax mode. Besides Oculus home games, “new Pimax mode” should also support most of games of DK1 & DK2.

As for Kodi player, it’s used for watching normal 2D, 3D videos in 4K panel.

OK, thanks for that. I’ll give it a try.
I have tried Kodi and since you got it going for me it does work. It’s just that the size of the image is wrong and the available controls don’t seem to help much.

Thanks for your suggeation. I tried it but unfortunately it didn’t quite work right.
My version of HL2 is the Steam version so I have SteamVR running when I launch the game in Piplay.
The game starts fine and works correctly except that it only displays on the PC screen.
The Pimax screen has the SteamVR background display.
However the head tracking works correctly.
So if I could get it to display in the HMD all would be well.

One thing that is not visible in the HL2 start menu, is the Activate Virtual Reality option.
I set it up in the Video options, but the start screen menu doesn’t have it and I suspect that this is the problem.

Hi All, Just an update on my trying to get HL2 VR working.

Now have managed to get it working (with all the setting to enable VR mode and by launching it from Piplay), but the darn thing only displays on the PC screen.

I see the SBS screens and head tracking works, but all I get in the HMD is the SteamVR background.

I’ve tried everything I can think of including making Pimax the primary monitor (in video mode), but you have to change back to Pimax mode for the game to run because it needs SteamVR and so this makes Pimax the secondary screen again.

I’ve run out of ideas at the moment and any suggestions would appreciated.


I found this in steam forums.

I did find if you launch steamvr from the desktop shortcut or inside of steam. SteamVR would say its running in extend mode.

If you launch steamvr from button in piplay it opens in direct mode

Thanks for having a look.

I did see the Steamcommunity post on how to get it going and I followed the instructions to the letter, but I’m sure that there is some issue with Pimax that is just not SteamVR compatible enough.

I never use the Pilay SteamVR button and always launch it from the desktop, but I tried every way.
In Steam, out of Steam every way I could think of.

No point asking the Steam community because that is all about Vive and Oculus, not Pimax.

It would be great if Pimax support would have a look at what is causing this as I’m sure it would be helpful in other areas of compatibility.

Pimax is still very much a beta product I’m afraid.

I got it working. Failed before, but this time on 1.1.92 it works.
I disabled direct mode in steam vr, it came up with a compositor error, clicked run compositor in fullscreen, reset the headset, and hl2 loaded up on the pimax as a second screen.

Have you tried 1.1.92? I changed to it for Dirt Rally, HL2 seems to have the same issue. I think 1.1.92 has much greater compatibility with steam.

Wow great. Thanks for that.
I needed an excuse to go back to 1.1.92 and now I have it :slight_smile:
Does 1.1.92 work ok with fw

Where did you find the Compositor setting? I can’t see it in SteamVR settings at all??
Did you try it with Piplay 1.2.57?

I think it works ok with the latest fw.
I think i tried hl2 on 1.2.40 originally. Dirt Rally didnt work for me on 1.2.57, so I wont bother with it for HL2.
The compositor setting came up with the error message after i disabled direct mode in steamvr. It asked me to enable fullscreen. I think hl2 runs in a window, maybe that is related. Im out now but will try to retrace my steps later.

Ok, so yeah this is what happens.
Now I open Steam VR (extended mode),
I click Half Life 2 and Steam VR displays a compositor error.
I click make compositor fullscreen in the new message box.
Then close HL2 and Steam VR, and start again. Then it works. Why, I have no idea.

Obviously on the previous effort I had already followed all the instructions on steam for getting it to run on vive and oculus.

So yeah, I tried it out for a while and it is pretty great. Not just that, but HL: Source too. The textures look awful but still better than most VR games out at the moment anyway. I think Portal should work fine, as well.

Its in steamvr beta in dwvelopee options i believe

No, not there unfortunately. Only mentioned in the Status sidebar, but not selectable.
May only be available if the error window shows.

In current version of Piplay, it opens fullscreen and the main menu shows Activate Virtual Reality.
The first click on this starts SteamVR and it requires a second click to a start the VR however only on the pc screen.

If SteamVR is started before the game, the is no option on the main menu to Activate Virtual Reality.

I haven’t yet reverted to 1.1.92 because I’m hoping to get some response from Pimax support first.

Thanks for all the suggestions though. Please keep them coming if you can think of anything else.


Here is another link that may help

Tried it but still no go :frowning:
My have to install 1.1.92 and see.
Thanks for the suggestions though.

Well I installed 1.1.92 on my old GTX 960 based pc and get Pimax going ok.
Interestingly, in SteamVR settings I have a green status line indicating no or few frames dropped but with my fast pc with later Piplay the line is Yellow. Definitely something in Piplay. This not a HDMI performance issue.

Anyway the main reason for this post is to hope someone can tell me how to get HL2 to display in SBS rather than Over and Under.

I remember reading a post about what to do if the image is rotated 90 degs, but I can’t find it.
I think it was something about deleting a SteamVR file???

Thanks for any suggestions

Go to Steam>config and delete the steamvr.settings file. That should do it. You can copy the contents and replace them later, if you have anything in there you want saving.