Hacking the Valve Index speakers onto the 8KX?

Would this be possible since they are easily removable off the Index, but what would I need to connect them to the 8KX?

The Dmas should be available very shortly and on paper it’s even better than the index. Kevin and Martin are very happy with them.

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They were happy with the SMAS as well. Which is a DOA (Win10 software “fixes” do not work, they mute steady sounds, the SMAS I call the Silent Modular Audio Strap).

They are in a particular tight situation regarding what they can or cannot say. I really respect their personal effort and patience though, but that’s tied to their characters. Not to Shanghai’s ad-hoc decisions on what and how to assemble.


Very true on smas .I never thought that the sound quality would be good enough for the majority of people. The Dmas should have been std on the X.

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This my exact concern as well for the DMAS. They both said the SMAS sound was good. Yeah, sound comes out of them and you can hear your game, but it really pulls you out of the immersion with it’s tinny sound and complete lack of bass. I put the Vive DAS on my 8KX this past week and combining awesome visuals with great sound resulted in an epic experience in Star Wars Squadrons I just wouldn’t have gotten with the SMAS.

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facebook really lowered the standards on integrated audio (and facts, privacy, democracy, etc)

I’ve backed these for my Vive DAS/Pimax frankenheadset.

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